National Sunday Supper Month

National Sunday Supper Month is observed every January and encourages everyone to begin the new year by gathering around the dinner table with friends and family members on Sundays.

At one point in time, just about every American family gathered together for at least one family meal — and that meal was most likely observed on Sunday. It was a way for families to go over the past week with one another and keep their connection strong.

The stress of modern civilization has caused this tradition to fall off over the past couple of years, however, which is a shame. Fortunately, this month is trying to revive the tradition of Sunday dinner so everyone can benefit from it.

The History of National Sunday Supper Month

The Sunday Supper Movement was created by Isabel Laessig in 2012. She created the month to encourage people to gather together for Sunday dinner. This becomes especially important after children have grown up and left the house. It’s a time for families to reconnect with one another when they ordinarily can’t the rest of the week.

Fun Facts About the Sunday Roast

During much of the 20th century, it was common for American families to get together at the end of the week and enjoy a Sunday roast. In fact, it was the tradition in many homes across the U.S.

Unfortunately, that tradition has begun to die out, but it has left behind some facts that we just couldn’t resist sharing. The following facts about the Sunday roast will encourage more people to begin this tradition again, trust us.

  • During the 14th century in the UK, more people began eating roasted beef.
  • In the UK, the King’s Royal Guards enjoyed the dish so much that they ate it every Sunday. That’s why they’re known as Beefeaters.
  • The tradition of the Sunday roast was brought from the UK to the US during the 17th century.
  • Carrots used to be purple, but they were bred to be orange during the 17th century by Dutch farmers to honor William of Orange.

Observing National Sunday Supper Month

This month can be observed by making sure that Sunday dinner is set up. Of course, this involves everyone synchronizing their schedules and the host house creating a meal plan.

During Sunday dinner, people can share their stories from the week and enjoy a nice time just hanging out. While observing this month, people should also spread the word about it using the hashtag #NationalSundaySupperMonth on the internet.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 1 Monday
Next year (2025)
January 1 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
January 1 Sunday
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