National Sunday Supper Day

Observed on the second Sunday in January, National Sunday Supper Day is a holiday that encourages everyone to gather around the table with their family to enjoy a delicious Sunday meal. Research has shown that children who eat dinners with their parents grow into happier adults and that families that eat together have better relationships with one another. So, make a Sunday roast or a nice pot of pasta and spend the evening enjoying some nice conversation with the ones you love.

The History of National Sunday Supper Day

National Sunday Supper Day was invented in 2012 by Isabel Laessig. Laessig, who is the creator of the blog Family Foodie, along with other bloggers and their families, celebrated their first virtual Sunday dinner to reinforce the importance of families eating together. It has been a national holiday ever since.

Facts to Share with Your Family During Sunday Supper

A common problem nowadays is that people gather around a table and eat supper with one another but do not engage in a shred of conversation. Most everyone seated around the table will be looking down at their phones or watching TV, and virtually no one will be talking. Since National Sunday Supper Day encourages people to not only share a meal with one another but also to share conversation, we thought we’d share some interesting facts that can be dusted off for Sunday supper. With the following facts, no one has an excuse not to engage in some sparkling conversation.

  • In Europe, the most shoplifted item is cheese. In the U.S., the most shoplifted item is candy.
  • Moonbows are nighttime rainbows.
  • The gym on the doomed Titanic had an electric camel and an electric horse.
  • In 2000, U.S. President Bill Clinton’s White House Millennium Council put together a time capsule that included a piece of the Berlin Wall and a Twinkie, among other things.
  • Benjamin Franklin only had two years of formal education.
  • People who grew up watching black-and-white television sometimes dream in black and white.
  • In 2019, NASA thought that they had detected a “Marsquake.”
  • At any given time, there are over 10 quintillion insects alive on Earth.
  • There are 900,000 known species of insects on Earth.
  • The original concept for the time machine in 1985’s “Back to the Future” was for it to be a time-traveling fridge.
  • The original name for the 1990 movie “Pretty Woman” was “3,000.”
  • While tomorrow is the day after today, overmorrow is the day after tomorrow.
  • Prehistoric penguins could be up to 7 feet tall.
  • Sean Connery turned down the role of Gandalf in “The Lord of the Rings.”
  • Humans move their eyes more than 100,000 times a day.

Observing National Sunday Supper Day

All that’s required to observe National Sunday Supper Day is to gather your family around the table, serve a delicious meal, and then enjoy that meal with your family. It’s that simple. After you’ve had a nice family dinner, be sure to post online using the hashtag #NationalSundaySupperDay to encourage other people to celebrate this day with their families.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 14 Sunday
Next year (2025)
January 12 Sunday
Last year (2023)
January 8 Sunday
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