Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day, also known as Republic Day, is a holiday in Pakistan which falls annually on March 23rd. This holiday commemorates the Lahore Resolution of March 23rd, 1940 and the official adoption of Pakistan’s first constitution – which made Pakistan one of the first Islamic republics in the world.

History of Pakistan Day

From March 22nd to March 24th of 1940, the Muslim League held its annual meeting at Minto Park in Lahore, Punjab. This meeting highlighted the events that marked the differences between Muslims and Hindus and reiterated the need for a nation-state (one that would eventually become Pakistan). In August of 1947, independence was gained from the British Raj and Pakistan was formed as a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy that was headed by George VI and Governor-General Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Two years later, a basic constitution was drafted. However, it wouldn’t be until 1956, that the constitution had been modified and amended enough to suit the people of Pakistan for it to become the law of the land. It did so on March 23rd, 1956.

Pakistan Day Customs & Traditions

Usually, first thing in the morning, the flag of Pakistan is hoisted on all government and many public buildings all over the country. In Provincial capitals, a 21 gun salute is usually fired and in Islamabad, a 31 gun salute is fired. Also in Islamabad, they have a parade which travels down Constitution Avenue. All across Pakistan, the day is punctuated with many festivals, fairs, and parties. Award ceremonies are also held that give out awards for great Pakistan civilians and military leaders. Some people choose to spend the days with their friends and families instead of attending these public events.

On Pakistan Day, many banks, business, government offices and post offices are closed. Schools are also usually closed on this day. In some areas, public transportation may be limited or discontinued on this day and traffic congestion in the major cities may be high.

Where is Pakistan Day celebrated?

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