Republic Day Eve

Republic Day Eve is a public holiday that’s observed in Turkey and comes before Republic Day, a day that commemorates the proclamation of the Turkish Republic on October 29th, 1923. This holiday takes place the day before this event and many of the annual celebrations start at 1 pm and continue over the next 35 hours.

Because this is a national holiday, schools, businesses, and government offices close so that the general public can attend the patriotic festivities. Events on this day usually begin with the display of the Turkish flag and other patriotic displays and then other events are worked in as the holiday continues to unfold.

The History Of Republic Day Eve In Turkey

The Ottoman Empire was created by Turkish tribes in Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor, and grew to be one of the most powerful states on the planet during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Ottoman Period lasted for over 6-centuries and only came to an end because of World War I.

When the Ottoman Empire was defeated during WWI, the empire was carved up by the Allies. The Allies ended up occupying Turkey, which led to an uprising of Turkish nationalists. This would directly lead to the Turkish War of Independence that lasted from 1919 and continued through 1923. In July of 1923, the Allies would end up leaving Turkey, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was made the President of the Republic of Turkey on October 29th, 1923. Ankara was named the capital city of the new republic, and a constitution was drawn up in April of 1924.

Observing Republic Day Eve In Turkey

Beginning on October 28th at 1 pm, celebrations begin with displays of important Turkish symbols such as the Turkish flag, and with people laying wreaths at one of the statues of Atatürk located throughout the country. There are also parades, festivals, music, dancing, food, and as is the case with any independence day celebration, fireworks.

Where is it celebrated?
Turkey (Half day)
When is it?
This year (2023)
October 28 Saturday
Next year (2024)
October 28 Monday
Last year (2022)
October 28 Friday