Struggle For Human Rights Day

Observed annually on March 25th in Slovakia, Struggle for Human Rights Day is a day that memorializes the events of the Candle Demonstration—an event that took place in Bratislava in 1988. The Candle Demonstration was a mass demonstration that was organized against the Communist Regime in Czechoslavakia.

The Roman Catholic Church dissent groups organized the event and used it as a way to strive for freedom of religion in the country. This holiday shouldn’t be confused with Human Rights Day that’s is celebrated by the international community every year on the 10th of December.

The History Of Human Rights Day In Slovakia

The Candle Demonstration on March 25, 1988, was planed by Executive Vice President of the Slovak World Congress, Marián Štastný. Five thousand Slovaks would end up protesting at Hviezdoslave Square with candles, and thousands of other protesters in adjacent streets.

The secret police would block the entrance of the square off and use water cannons on protesters. Protesters were also attacked with batons. This day would be seen as an important first step towards dismantling Czechoslovakia’s communist regime.

Facts About Slovakia

There’s a lot of things for everyone to learn about Slovakia and not a whole lot of space available to us, so we decided to list some of the interesting facts that we’ve learned about this country. Let’s take a peek at them before continuing on with how Human Rights Day is observed.

  • The museum in Medzilaborce, Slovakia has a total of 160 Andy Warhol originals.
  • Vlkolinec has been rated as one of the 30 most beautiful towns in Europe by the Japanese Association of Travel Agents.
  • Slovakia has a total of 7 World Heritage Sites.

Observing Human Rights Day In Slovakia

This holiday is observed by a recreation of The Candle Demonstration, as well as other events across the country. Since it’s not a public holiday, businesses have normal operating hours.

Where is it celebrated?
Slovakia (Observance)
When is it?
This year (2023)
March 25 Saturday
Next year (2024)
March 25 Monday
Last year (2022)
March 25 Friday