Take Your Child To The Library Day

Libraries are important spaces for children. They provide students with a place to study quietly, access a wide range of different books, and even navigate the internet. They can also receive assistance from knowledgeable staff who can guide them to books that match their interests.

Unfortunately, not many people take the time to bring their children to their local public library. The reasons for this don’t matter; what’s important is that people recognize the importance of libraries and start introducing their children to them as early as possible.

A holiday that encourages parents to do just that is called Take Your Child to the Library Day. This holiday is observed on the first Saturday in February and is an excellent opportunity for parents and their children to make good use of the public library system.

The History of Take Your Child to the Library Day

This holiday was created in 2011 by Nadine Lipman and Caitlin Augusta. They established the holiday to motivate parents to bring their children to the local library. The holiday officially continued through 2017, but after that, the website does not seem to be updated. Nevertheless, people around the U.S. have taken advantage of this day to bring their children to the local library.

Let’s Learn More About Libraries!

Below are some facts about libraries that we would like to share with everyone reading today. We think that the following library-related facts are not only educational but also enjoyable. So, let’s all gather around and read the following facts together.

  • Library schools used to teach future librarians a special style of handwriting known as Library Hand.
  • Al-Qarawiyyin Library in Fez, Morocco, is the world’s oldest library. It was opened in 1359 C.E.
  • In prison, the most popular literary genres are paranormal romance and the Left Behind series.
  • The largest library in the world is the Library of Congress.
  • The Human Library is a library where readers can ‘borrow’ humans serving as open books and have conversations with them.
  • Communities that invest more in libraries and parks tend to have happier citizens.
  • A student’s academic success is linked to library usage. The more students use libraries, the more successful they tend to be academically.

Observing Take Your Child to the Library Day

Parents everywhere are encouraged to take their children to the library on this day. They can help them find books, sign them up for a story circle, or enroll them in a reading club. Parents are also encouraged to spread the word about this holiday using the hashtag #TakeYourChildToTheLibraryDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 3 Saturday
Next year (2025)
February 1 Saturday
Last year (2023)
February 4 Saturday
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