National Donut Day

Celebrated on the first Friday of every June – National Donut Day is a day to celebrate humble donut and the men and women who served soldiers donuts during the First World War. It is a day that is mainly celebrated in the United States, but other donut shops around the world have been known to participate as well. Traditionally, a free donut is given out to customers of donut shops on this day.


Morgan Pett – a young military doctor – decided to pick up some donuts on his way to reporting at his military base. All throughout the day, as he helped the wounded soldiers, he would pass out a donut. This practice caught on and would eventually be used during World War I at the canteens the military used to attend to the soldier’s needs at the front. Each canteen would have several ladies passing out coffee, donuts and other baked goods. Eventually, these ladies would come to be known as doughnut dollies.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

Most of the meaning of this holiday has been lost to history, and now many people just see it as a day to get free donuts from one of the major donut chains out there.

Where is National Donut Day celebrated?

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