Monaco Holidays in 2024

Holiday date Holiday name Holiday Type
Mon, January 1 New Year's Day National Holiday
Sat, January 27 Saint Dévote's Day National Holiday
Wed, March 20 March Equinox Season
Fri, March 29 Good Friday Observance
Sat, March 30 Holy Saturday Observance
Sun, March 31 Daylight Saving Time starts Clock Change/daylight Saving Time
Sun, March 31 Easter Sunday Observance
Mon, April 1 Easter Monday National Holiday
Wed, May 1 Labour Day/May Day National Holiday
Thu, May 9 Ascension Day National Holiday
Sun, May 19 Pentecost / Whit Sunday Observance
Mon, May 20 Whit Monday National Holiday
Thu, May 30 Corpus Christi National Holiday
Thu, June 20 June Solstice Season
Thu, August 15 Assumption of Mary National Holiday
Sun, September 22 September equinox Season
Sun, October 27 Daylight Saving Time ends Clock Change/daylight Saving Time
Fri, November 1 All Saints' Day National Holiday
Tue, November 19 National Day National Holiday
Sun, December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception National Holiday
Sat, December 21 December Solstice Season
Tue, December 24 Christmas Eve Observance
Wed, December 25 Christmas Day National Holiday
Tue, December 31 New Year's Eve Observance

Yom Kippur

Sweetest Day

Guy Fawkes Day


Cyber Monday

Winter Solstice