February 20 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
World Day of Social Justice - International (Awareness & Cause, United Nations)
Hoodie Hoo Day - Unofficial (Weird & Obscure)
National Love Your Pet Day - Unofficial (Animals)
National Cherry Pie Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Presidents' Day United States Multiple Types
Presidents' Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Islander Day Canada (Prince Edward Island) Common Local Holiday
Family Day Canada (AB, BC, NB, ON, SK) Common Local Holiday
Nova Scotia Heritage Day Canada (Nova Scotia) Common Local Holiday
Louis Riel Day Canada (Manitoba) Common Local Holiday
Carnival Monday Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Carnival Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Daisy Gatson Bates Day United States (Arkansas) State Holiday
President's Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Shrove Monday Germany Observance

Historical Events on February 20

  • 1792:S President George Washington signs the Postal Service Act. This act founds the U.S Post Office Department.
  • 1835: An earthquake hit Concepcion, Chile and destroys it.
  • 1864: The Battle of Olustee takes place during the American Civil War. It’s the biggest battle to have been fought in the state of Florida throughout the entire war.
  • 1872: In New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens its doors.
  • 1901: The legislature for the Territory of Hawaii convenes for the first time on this day.
  • 1931: The U.S Congress approves the construction of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. This allows California to begin work on it immediately.
  • 1933: The 21st Amendment to the U.S Constitution is proposed by the United State Congress. This amendment would repeal prohibition in the U.S.
  • 1933: Adolf Hitler meets with German captains of industry to set up financing for the Nazi Party’s upcoming election campaigns.
  • 1943:S movie studio execs agree to allow the U.S Office of War Information to censor movies.
  • 1944: American bomber raids begin on German aircraft manufacturing centers during WWII.
  • 1944: Eniwetok Island is seized by the U.S during WWII.
  • 1962: John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit Earth while he’s on board the Friendship 7.
  • 1965: After successfully taking pictures of possible Apollo landing sites, Ranger 8 crashes into the moon.
  • 1971: The U.S Emergency Broadcast System is accidentally activated.

Famous Birthdays on February 20

  • American photographer Ansel Adams is born in 1902.
  • American actor Gale Gordon is born in 1906.
  • American fashion designer, artist, socialite and actress, Gloria Vanderbilt is born in 1924.
  • American actor Sydney Poitier is born in 1927.
  • American actress Amanda Blake is born in 1929.
  • American singer-songwriter J. Geils is born in 1946.
  • American actor Peter Strauss is born in 1947.
  • American model and actress, Jennifer O’Neill is born in 1948.
  • American singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain is born in 1967.
  • Bosnian screenwriter and actor, Danis Tanović is born in 1969.


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Maundy Thursday

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Labor Day

Bastille Day