July 13 holidays in 2024

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Naadam Holiday (National Day) Mongolia Public Holiday
Statehood Day Montenegro National Holiday
Embrace Your Geekness Day - Unofficial (Hobby & Creativity)
National French Fry Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Penang Governor's Birthday Malaysia (Penang) Local Holiday

Historical Events on July 13

  • 1863: The New York City Draft Riots start on this day in New York City. It will be the beginning of 3 days of rioting by the opponents of conscription.
  • 1878: Through the Treaty of Berlin, the European powers redraw the map of the Balkans. Montenegro, Serbia and Roman all become completely independent from the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1919: The British airship R34 lands in Norfolk in England.
  • 1923: The Hollywoodland Sign is dedicated in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles in California. In 1949, after renovation of the sign, the “land” part of the sign will be dropped and the sign will just read Hollywood.
  • 1977: The Ogaden War begins when Somalia declares war on Ethiopia.
  • 1977: An electrical blackout begins in New York that will last approximately a full day. This will lead to widespread looting and fire starting in New York City.
  • 1985: In London and Philadelphia, a Live Aid Benefit Convert begins.
  • 1985: When U.S President Ronald Reagan has surgery to remove colon polyps, Vice-President George H.W. Bush becomes acting President for the day.
  • 2011: Three bombs go off in Mumbai. Over 130 people are injured and over 25 are killed.

Famous Birthdays on July 13

  • American painter and sculptor, Ronald Bladen is born in 1918.
  • American author and illustrator Marcia Brown is born in 1918.
  • American actress Leslie Brooks is born in 1922.
  • American politician Thomas Clark is born in 1926.
  • American actor Bob Crane is born in 1928.
  • American actor and comedian, Cheech Marin is born in 1946.
  • American astronomer and astronaut, George Nelson is born in 1950.
  • American director, screenwriter and producer, Cameron Crowe is born in 1957.
  • American voice actor and screenwriter, Tom Kenny is born in 1962.
  • English actor Justin Edwards is born in 1972.
  • American football player Chris Horn is born in 1977.
  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Ida Maria is born in 1984.



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