Battle Of Angamos

The Battle of Angamos is a public holiday observed on October 8th in Peru, commemorating a naval battle that took place between Peru and Chile on this date in 1879. This day does more than just remember a naval battle from long ago.

It’s a day that commemorates the courage and heroism of the Peruvian navy as it fought during this battle. That’s why it’s celebrated with military and civil parades across Peru on this day, and it’s a public holiday on which many people are given the day off.

The History of the Battle of Angamos in Peru

On October 8th, 1879, the Battle of Angamos was fought between Peru and Chile during the War of the Pacific. Known as the Saltpeter War, this conflict began as a dispute between Chile and Bolivia over control of the Atacama Desert to control the extensive mineral resources located in that area.

When Bolivia declared war on Chile, Peru was called upon to fight on their side as part of a mutual defense agreement. The ironclad warship Huáscar, captained by Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario, was located off the coast of what is now Bolivia when the Chilean Navy—under the dual command of Juan José Latorre and Galvarino Riveros—surrounded and captured the warship.

In the process, Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario was killed. This defeat of Peru would enable Chilean forces to invade. Even so, Admiral Grau is seen as a hero who did what was necessary to defend his people. And it is for this reason that October 8th is celebrated every year as a symbol of the Peruvian navy’s courage, resilience, and heroism.

Observing the Battle of Angamos in Peru

All across Peru, there are military and civil parades dedicated to the courage of Admiral Miguel Grau and his men during the Battle of Angamos. It’s also a day for the people of Peru to reflect on their own dedication to their country and what they would do in similar circumstances.

Where is it celebrated?
Peru (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
October 8 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
October 8 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
October 8 Sunday