International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is a holiday that falls on April 30th and is celebrated on an annual basis. It was a holiday that was organized by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and is meant to increase dialogue and raise awareness about jazz music and culture. It’s been celebrated every year since 2011.

History of International Jazz Day

Jazz music is an American style of music that was born out of slavery and originated primarily in the southern U.S. At its very core is the rich cultural and musical traditions of Africa that were gradually influenced by European music over time. It is considered to have been born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has often been seen as not only a voice of empowerment but also a voice against injustice and global oppression. While it was originally an American art form, jazz has since spread all over the planet and is constantly being influenced by other forms of music, as well as influencing other musical forms.

International Jazz Day was created by UNESCO in November of 2011 and April 30th was the day designated to celebrate it. The purpose of this holiday is to highlight jazz and its culture, as well as the diplomatic role it plays in people’s lives all over the world as they united around Jazz. Its first official celebration was on April 30, 2012.

Celebrating International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day can be celebrated by attending one of the many jazz concerts that occur on this day, or by simply picking up your favorite jazz album and listening to it. Some of the albums considered to be the best jazz albums of all-time include Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis; A Love Supreme by John Coltrane; Ellington At Newport by Duke Ellington; The Best of the Hot 5 & Hot 7 Recordings by Louis Armstrong; and, Concert By the Sea by Errol Garner.

Where is International Jazz Day celebrated?

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