National Have A Bagel Day

National Have a Bagel Day is a holiday observed annually on the 11th day of December. This is a day that encourages everyone to enjoy their favorite type of bagel in the way that they like to make it.

Bagels have been around for approximately 800 years, although we’re not really sure what those original bagels were like. What we do know is that bagels are delicious straight out of the oven or toasted, especially when they’re smeared with cream cheese.

When celebrating this holiday people should be sure to not confuse it with Bagel Day, however, as that holiday is on the calendar in January and not December.

The History Of National Have a Bagel Day

There have been accounts of bagels going back to the 13th century. During the 17th century, they would begin to become even more popular among Europe’s Jewish population. Although no one really knows where bagels came from, it’s believed that they originated somewhere in Turkey.

Regardless of where the bagel originated, it’s known that it soon spread to New York City in the 19th century. It was brought to the city by Jewish immigrants and the practice of making bagels soon fell under the control of the Bagel Bakers Local Union 338.

From there, the bagel soon spread to all parts of the U.S. Automation would make widespread manufacturing of bagels easier, which contributed to its growth across the country.

Unfortunately, at this time we’re unsure of when National Have A Bagel Day originated. We think that it was probably invented sometime after 2020, but we’re not exactly sure when. We’ll continue to try to research the origins of this holiday.

Some Fun Facts About Bagels

Below are some fun facts about bagels that we feel everyone should know about. After doing some next-level research for National Have a Bagel Day, we uncovered the following fun facts about this bread product. Let’s explore them together before moving on to the next level of this holiday.

  • A bagel has to be round. If it’s not in the shape of a ring or bracelet, then it’s not a bagel.
  • There’s a bagel that contains coffee. It’s called a Buzzed Bagel.
  • Bagels are the only bread that is boiled before being baked.

Observing National Have A Bagel Day

Want to observe this holiday? If you do, then you need to follow a few steps. One: get some bagels — preferably from a respected bakery. Two: get your favorite toppings. Some people like butter or cream cheese, other people lox, and still other people use other types of toppings. Three: eat those bagels up! Four: spread the word about this holiday using the hashtag #NationalHaveABagelDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 11 Monday
Next year (2024)
December 11 Wednesday
Last year (2022)
December 11 Sunday
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