National Peach Month

National Peach Month is observed every year in August, and in our opinion, it is the perfect month to celebrate this delightful fruit. Peaches and summer just seem to go hand in hand, and this fruit is the perfect accompaniment to barbecues, picnics, and summer get-togethers.

It doesn’t matter if peaches are consumed as they are or if they’re incorporated into a marmalade, pie, or other recipes. There are three types of peaches for people to choose from for their summer festivities: clingstone, semi-freestone, and freestone.

As their names imply, these three types of peaches can be identified by how cleanly the flesh of the peach pulls away from the pit. As far as we’re concerned, all these peaches are delicious and are perfect for August.

The History Of National Peach Month

It’s believed that peaches originated in China and then spread westward through trade routes across Asia and the Mediterranean. Spanish explorers eventually brought the peach to the New World. Now, peaches grow all across the world’s temperate regions and are enjoyed by millions of people.

National Peach Month was first established in March of 1982. It was created by then-President Ronald Reagan, who proclaimed August to be this month. Since its inception, this month has been promoted and observed by the National Peach Council, much to the delight of peach lovers all across the U.S.

Fun Facts About Peaches

Anyone who feels like they need an in-depth education on peaches is going to love this section. That’s because we’ve gathered together some cool peach facts and listed them below for everyone.

  • Peaches are packed and shipped to grocery stores within three days of being picked.
  • A single peach tree can produce almost 70 pounds of peaches a year.
  • A peach tree will produce fruit for about 12 years.
  • The average peach tree is 25 feet tall and 25 feet wide.
  • A dwarf peach tree will only grow about 6 feet tall and wide.
  • Georgia grows over 130 million pounds of peaches. That’s probably why it’s known as the Peach State.
  • Peaches are in season from June to the end of August.

Observing National Peach Month

Obviously, the first thing that a person should do is to get ahold of some nice peaches. The type of peaches that can be eaten whole, worked into a smoothie, into yogurt, or baked into a pie. Then you’ll want to take a picture of that peach or peach product and post it online using the hashtag #NationalPeachMonth.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 1 Thursday
Next year (2025)
August 1 Friday
Last year (2023)
August 1 Tuesday
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