National Pumpkin Pie Day

Even though apple pies are said to be the most American of all pies, we think that the pumpkin pie comes pretty close to being the quintessential American dessert. It’s a pie that’s been made in North America for hundreds of years and is still a pie that’s popular among Americans. It’s the most popular pie for Thanksgiving and beats sweet potato, cherry, strawberry, pecan, and even apple pies. And now it’s even earned its own day. A holiday that is known as National Pumpkin Pie Day and is celebrated on December 25th. Yes, that’s the same day as Christmas, but we’re sure everyone will find a way to merge the two holidays into one celebration. 

The History Of Pumpkin Pie

Since the history of National Pumpkin Pie has eluded us, we’ve decided to research the history of the pie that inspired it. What we discovered is that this dessert has been made and enjoyed for quite some time. Before we can talk about the history of the pumpkin pie, however, we first have to talk about the history of the pumpkin first, so let’s talk about this gourde next. 

Pumpkins are believed to have originated in Central America over 7,500+ years ago. These first pumpkins weren’t large and orange like the ones we enjoy nowadays, but instead were small, hard, and had a bitter flavor. These pumpkins were the first crops grown for human consumption in Central and North America.

When Europeans first came to North America, Native Americans introduced pumpkins to them. It wasn’t long after that people started using these pumpkins for making various savory dishes. One such savory pumpkin dish appeared in a New England cookbook around the 1670s. It wasn’t until the 19th century that people began to serve sweetened pumpkins and eventually pumpkin pie. 

Facts About Pumpkin Pies

Want some sweet pumpkin pie facts to share with friends and family on this holiday? Good, because we’ve shared some of them below. 

  • Pumpkins have been a symbol of harvest for hundreds of years. 
  • The largest pumpkin pie in the world was over 350 pounds. It was made with 80 pounds of pumpkins, 140+ eggs, and 36-pounds of sugar.
  • Pumpkin pies are traditionally eaten from Halloween through Christmas. 
  • Libby’s introduced canned pumpkins to the U.S in 1929. 

Observing National Pumpkin Pie Day

Well, since National Pumpkin Pie Day also falls on Christmas, it seems obvious to us that people who want to celebrate both holidays are going to have to add a pumpkin pie to their after-dinner dessert. And while you’re enjoyed pumpkin pie and whipped cream with your eggnog, why not use the hashtag #NationalPumpkinPieDay on your social media accounts? 

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 25 Monday
Next year (2024)
December 25 Wednesday
Last year (2022)
December 25 Sunday
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