National Sports Day in Fiji

National Sports Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Fiji that’s observed every year on the date established by the Fijian Government. It’s a day that was created to encourage more citizens of the country to participate in sports. This holiday raises the public profile of sports and sporting events and helps everyone understand the value of participating in them.

Sports not only improve a person’s health, but also help people to be more social and outgoing, and to develop bonds with one another that can last a lifetime. On this day, special activities and sporting events are organized that promote healthy and active lifestyles for the citizens of this country.

The History Of National Sports Day In Fiji

National Sports Day is a holiday that was first established in 2014 and then observed every year since. It was created to counter growing rates of obesity that were unveiled by the 2011 STEPS Survey. That survey found that since 2002 obesity in Fiji has risen by 8.5%. It also found that approximately 32.1% of adults in Fiji could now be classified as obese.

Some Interesting Fiji Facts

Let’s observe a few interesting facts about Fiji before we proceed with our explanation of the rest of this holiday.

  • There are 333 islands and 500 islets in the Fiji Republic.
  • Fiji was once known for human sacrifices and cannibalism.
  • Fiji became independent of British rule in 1970.
  • Rugby is the national sport of Fiji.
  • The capital city is Suva.

Observing National Sports Day In Fiji

The Fiji National Sports Commission and the Ministry of Sports work together on this day to create a variety of sports options for Fijians. This can include rugby, martial arts, golf, cricket, surfing, sailing, and boxing. Soccer is also observed. On social media, the hashtag #NationalSportsDay is often used to circulate word of this holiday on the Internet.

Where is it celebrated?
Fiji (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
June 26 Monday
Next year (2024)
June 26 Wednesday
Last year (2022)
June 26 Sunday