National Vanilla Milkshake Day

National Vanilla Milkshake Day is a day that falls on June 20th every year and is probably the best way for anyone to kick off their summer season. This dessert can be simply made with only three ingredients: vanilla ice cream, milk, and vanilla extract, but can also be used as a base for some more elaborate frozen beverages. Regardless, every single person with a sweet tooth might want to try to celebrate this holiday in some way.

The History Of The Vanilla Milkshake

Anyone interested in the origin of the vanilla milkshake needs to travel back over 135 years to a period in American history known as the Wild West. This is when the term milkshake first appeared in the American lexicon in 1885. Those early milkshakes didn’t resemble the ones that we know today, however. No, they were actually drinks that were made using a combination of cream, eggs, and whiskey that was sometimes mixed with various soda waters and/or lemonade. And for anyone wondering, they weren’t even frozen.

Eventually, around the turn of the 20th century, establishments began making their own non-alcoholic “milkshakes” using vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry syrups. Unfortunately, while vanilla was being used in these drinks, they still weren’t frozen, so they can’t be called milkshakes.

When Hamilton Beach introduced its Cyclone Drink Mixer in 1910, that was a game-changer, and soda fountains began to serve blended beverages that resemble the milkshakes of today. Since vanilla was used before the invention of the milkshake, it was quite easy to begin making vanilla milkshakes. In fact, vanilla milkshakes became some of the first ones to be served.

Fun Facts About Vanilla Milkshakes

Below are some fun facts that we’ve unearthed about vanilla milkshakes, and milkshakes in general. The following facts are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, and some of them might encourage people to run out and enjoy a frosty vanilla milkshake.

  • In Spanish, the word for a milkshake is “Batido”.
  • In Boston, milkshakes are called frappes, just don’t confuse them with milk and syrup—which is also called a frappe in that city.
  • An Olympic-size swimming pool is capable of holding approximately 3.2 million milkshakes.
  • The world’s largest milkshake was made in 2000. It was approximately 6,000 gallons.
  • Banana milkshakes with honey are sometimes used as a hangover cure.

Observing National Vanilla Milkshake Day

All a person has to do to celebrate this day is to enjoy an ice-cold vanilla milkshake. This can be a milkshake that they buy at a local fast-food restaurant, one they make at home, or one they buy from their favorite ice cream shop. It doesn’t matter where they enjoy their milkshake; all that matters is that they do. And anyone celebrating this day will probably use the hashtag #NationalVanillaMilkshakeDay on their social media accounts.

When is it?
This year (2024)
June 20 Thursday
Next year (2025)
June 20 Friday
Last year (2023)
June 20 Tuesday
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