Peasants’ Day in Tanzania

On the 8th of August each year in Tanzania, Peasant’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the farmers who keep society fed and running. Also known as Workers’ Day, Industry’s Day, and previously Farmer’s Day, it was originally celebrated as Saba Saba, a word that means “seven, seven,” which caused a bit of confusion to the public when Farmer’s Day was established on August 8th.

So, the two holidays were combined and are now celebrated as one public holiday. This is a day off for the general population, and a day on which people can enjoy communal meals, drinking, dancing, and music.

The History of Peasant’s Day in Tanzania

On July 7th every year before 1992, Peasant’s Day was celebrated as Saba Saba Day. But this caused a bit of confusion when August 8th was named a national holiday called Farmer’s Day. Some people would take the 7th off, others would take the 8th off, and some would take both days off. To combat this confusion, the 7th of August was celebrated as Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair Day, and Peasant’s Day was moved to Nane Nane or August 8th.

The changing of the name of this holiday was not without its consequences, however. Prior to both holidays being combined into one day, there was a huge agricultural festival that took place in the city of Mwanza. Farmers from all over the country would bring their produce and show off their wares. Although these festivals still exist, they’re not as large as they used to be since the date change.

Observing Peasant’s Day in Tanzania

This holiday is observed with agricultural festivals all over Tanzania, and people enjoy a day of drinking, music, and dancing. People also share some traditional dishes such as Mchuzi wa samaki, Chipsi mayai, and Mchemsho.

Of course, different localities across the country provide their own unique dishes for celebrations, so just about any type of cuisine can be encountered at gatherings and festivals. It’s a day for farmers and peasants to have a day off and to just enjoy life.

Where is it celebrated?
Tanzania (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
August 8 Thursday
Next year (2025)
August 8 Friday
Last year (2023)
August 8 Tuesday