Shout In Villa De Los Santos

Shout in Villa ⁤de Los Santos ⁢is ​a public ⁣holiday that’s observed annually​ in the Republic of Panama on November 10th. Its official name is the First Call for Independence of Villa de Los Santos, and it’s a commemoration of the country’s first call ​for ⁣independence that occurred on this date in 1821.

This is a public holiday on which most⁢ people⁣ have the⁤ day off, and many businesses, schools, and government offices are officially closed.‍ If the holiday happens to ⁤fall on a weekend, then it’s usually moved to the following Monday so that everyone can enjoy the extra day off.

The History of Shout in​ Villa de Los Santos

On ​the eastern portion of the Azuero Peninsula, Panama’s struggle for⁤ independence⁢ began in Los Santos on November 10th, 1821. The residents of the city declared their separation from the Spanish Empire in an event that was known as Grito de la Villa de Los Santos.

According to popular lore, a young woman led the crowd to the ‍barracks, all while the crowd chanted “Long Live Liberty.”⁤ This call for independence from Spain gained momentum throughout Panama on November 28th, 1821.

Observing Shout in Villa de Los Santos

This holiday is⁣ celebrated ‌across ‍Panama with a wide ⁣range of ‌festivities. ‍There’s folk music and dance, concerts, parades, cultural events, and‌ lots of food‍ vendors. People use ‌the day off to enjoy time with their loved ones and to savor Panamanian dishes ⁤such as Arroz con ⁤Camarones y Coco (rice with coconut milk and shrimp),‌ Carimañola (beef and yuca-stuffed empanadas), and Mondongo a la Culona (beef tripe stew).

Where is it celebrated?
Panama (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
November 10 Sunday
Next year (2025)
November 10 Monday
Last year (2023)
November 10 Friday