The Best Holidays For Honoring Mom That Aren’t Mothers Day

The one universal truth that unites us all is that we wouldn’t be here without our mothers. They incubate us in their bodies and then bring us into the world, and that’s only the beginning of the contribution they make to our lives. Needless to say, without mothers, none of us would exist, but so few of us truly pay them the respect they deserve. Sure, we send them flowers once a year on Mother’s Day, but that’s usually all that we do for them.

That’s just a shame. All of us should be doing more to let our mothers know just how much they mean to us, and we think we have an idea to solve that problem. What if there were more holidays during the year that we could celebrate our mothers, other than just Mother’s Day?

National Lazy Mom’s Day

Observed annually on the first Friday of September, National Lazy Mom’s Day is a holiday that gives our moms a chance to recuperate from everything they do for us. For moms that work outside of the home, this means calling in sick. For moms inside the home, it means taking a break from making school lunches, driving kids to soccer (or hockey) practice, making dinner, doing dishes, or just about anything else that moms might be saddled with. Let’s celebrate our mothers by making sure they have the day off.

National Birth Mother’s Day

Observed on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in May, National Birth Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors the biological mothers of adopted children. Moms might bring us into the world, but they aren’t always able to take care of their children. Sometimes the most beneficial thing (and the hardest as well) for biological mothers to do is to let their children be raised by an adoptive parent. This is a day to celebrate these mothers’ sacrifices and to help adoptive children and their biological parents reconnect on a more personal level.

Motherhood And Beauty Day

Motherhood And Beauty Day is a holiday that’s mainly observed in Armenia every April 7, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be observed in other places in the world as well. Although it’s a day that officially celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation in the Armenian Apostolic Church, it’s also a day that honors women for all their beauty. It’s a day to give presents to mothers and show them just how important they are.

Gold Star Mother’s Day

Observed on the last Sunday in September, Gold Star Mother’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the mothers who made the ultimate sacrifice and have a child who served in the U.S. Military and died. These mothers suffered an immeasurable loss while their children were protecting democracy and Western culture. Perhaps we all should adopt these mothers for a day and show them the respect, appreciation, and compassion they deserve.

Mothering Sunday

This holiday is observed in the United Kingdom and is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Even though this holiday is observed close to the time that Mother’s Day is observed, it’s not the same holiday. It’s a day with a unique history and one that can be used in the modern age as just another excuse to honor our mothers, so let’s take advantage of it.

National Single Parents Day

Even though National Single Parents Day isn’t specifically dedicated to mothers and could also be observed by single dads, we thought that we’d go ahead and put it on our list. March 21 is a day to celebrate single moms and all that they do. This can be an especially powerful holiday for adult children of single mothers to show their appreciation to her for all that she’s done.

And that concludes our list of The Best Holidays to Honor Mom That Aren’t Mother’s Day. We all should use these holidays to show our mothers just how important they are to us. Sure, flowers once a year are nice, but keeping them in our thoughts all year long is what really shows our mothers that they’re always in our hearts.