August 21 holidays in 2025

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Senior Citizens Day United States Observance
Gospel Day (Kosrae) Micronesia Local Holiday
National Brazilian Blowout Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
National Spumoni Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Senior Citizens Day - Unofficial (Appreciation & Honor, Awareness & Cause)
Ninoy Aquino Day Philippines Special Non-working Holiday
Youth Day Morocco National Holiday

Historical Events on August 21

  • 1331: Stefan Dušan becomes King of Serbia after defeating his father, King Stefan Uroš III.
  • 1415: Portuguese forces are victorous over the Marinids after Henry the Navigator leads them to a victory at the Battle of Ceuta.
  • 1680: The Spanish lose Santa Fe to the Pubeblo Indians during the Pueblo Revolt.
  • 1770: Eastern Australia is claimed by James Cook who names it New South Wales.
  • 1778: British forces attack the French outpost at Pondichéry during the American Revolutionary War.
  • 1791: A voodoo ceremony presided over by Dutty Boukman devolves into a slave rebellion which sparks the Haitian Revolution.
  • 1852: Fort Selkirk in the Yukon Territory is destroyed by Tlingit Indians.
  • 1863: Pro-Confederate guerrillas known as Quantrill’s Raiders destroy the town of Lawrence, Kansas.
  • 1888: William Seward Burroughs patents his adding machine in the United States.
  • 1897: American automaker Oldsmobile is founded.
  • 1911: A Louvre employee steals one of the most famous paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa.
  • 1914: The Germans successfully attack across the Sambre River during the Battle of Chaleroi during World War I.
  • 1918: During World War I, the Second Battle of Somme starts.
  • 1942: American forces defeat an attack by Japanese force in the Battle of the Tenaru during World War II.
  • 1942: The Nazi flag of Germany is raised on top of the highest peak in the Caucasus Mountain Range: Mount Elbrus.
  • 1944: Polish and Canadian forces capture the town of Falaise, Calvados, France.

Famous Birthdays on August 21

  • French painter Jean-Baptiste Greuze is born in 1725.
  • Scottish engineer and inventor William Murdock is born in 1754.
  • German Painter Christian Schad is born in 1894.
  • American marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg is born in 1961.
  • King of Morocco Mohammed VI of Morocco is born in 1963.
  • American baseball player Jim Bullinger is born in 1965.