Coming of Age Day

Celebrated on the second Monday of January in the country of Japan, Coming of Age Day is a national holiday with the purpose of celebrating those young adults who have reached the age of majority. All of the young Japanese citizens who have reached the age of 20 by this day are celebrated with all different kinds of festivities and parties.


Coming of age ceremonies have been celebrated in Japan for at least the last 1300 years. The practice can be traced back to the eighth century when young members of the royal family would wear new robes to commemorate them turning of age. The holiday in Japan however, wouldn’t become official until 1948. This is when it was established as a holiday to be celebrated on January 15th. However, this would be changed in 2000 to the second Monday of January because of changes in the laws governing holidays and when they are to be celebrated.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

On Coming of Age Day, government prefectures all over Japan hold special ‘coming of age events’ that are open to all those who have recently turned 20 years of age. During these events, gifts are handed to the young adults and speeches are made by government officials. It is also customary for families to throw their own special parties to mark this event.

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