Constitution Day in Sint Maarten

Observed on the second Monday in October in Sint Maarten, Constitution Day is a holiday that commemorates the day when the small island country’s constitution was promulgated. Sint Maarten is a small island country located in the Caribbean and has a population of approximately 41,400+ people.

The island was originally named by Christopher Columbus in honor of Saint Martin of Tours. He gave the island that name because he sighted it on November 11th, 1493, the saint’s feast day. Because this is a public holiday, many people have the day off to enjoy with friends and family members, and non-essential government offices, businesses, and schools are closed.

The History of Constitution Day in Sint Maarten

Although Christopher Columbus sighted the island during the 15th century, colonization of the island by European powers didn’t start with full enthusiasm until the 19th century. The island came under the control of the Dutch, and in 1954, the Dutch created the Netherlands Antilles.

This was a constituent country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands that was composed of its Caribbean colonies. There were significant tensions among the constituent islands, and in the mid-1980s, the tensions came to a head. This is when Aruba seceded from the constituent islands.

This was followed by Sint Maarten, which voted for autonomy within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In July 2010, the island council of Sint Maarten adopted a new constitution that would go into effect on the day that the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved. This happened on October 10th, 2010, when the Netherlands Antilles ceased to be a country.

Observing Constitution Day in Sint Maarten

Although this is mainly a ceremonial holiday, it is a day when people have the day off. This means that people can spend time with loved ones, enjoy music and food, and generally enjoy their day off. There are also some official ceremonies that celebrate this holiday and remind the public about its importance.

Where is it celebrated?
Sint Maarten (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
October 14 Monday
Next year (2025)
October 13 Monday
Last year (2023)
October 9 Monday