December 10 holidays in 2017

Holiday nameHoliday locationHoliday type
Second Sunday Advent
Multiple Countries Observance
International Human Rights Day
Multiple Countries Multiple Types
Constitution Day
Thailand National Holiday
Human Rights Day
Multiple Countries International
Dewey Decimal System Day
- Weird
Jane Addams Day
- Weird

Historical Events on December 10

  • 1817: Mississippi is admitted into the Union as the 20th state in the U.S.
  • 1864: Major General William Sherman’s Union forces reach the outer perimeter of the Confederate defenses of Savannah, Georgia.
  • 1868: Outside the Palace of Westminster in the city of London, England, the first traffic lights are installed.
  • 1884: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is published on this day.
  • 1901: The 1st Nobel Prizes are given out.
  • 1941: Near British Malaya, Imperial Japanese torpedo bombers attack and sing the Royal Navy ships the HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales during World War II.
  • 1941: General Masaharu Homma leads Imperial Japanese troops onto Luzon at the Battle of the Philippines during WWII.
  • 1984: The Convention against the use of torture is officially recognized by the U.N General Assembly on this day.
  • 1993: The final shift working at the Wearmouth Colliery in Sunderland leave. This not only closes a pit that’s been in use for over 150 years, but it also closes a coalfield which has been used since the Middle Ages.

Famous Birthdays on December 10

  • English mathematician and first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace is born in 1815.
  • American poet Emily Dickinson is born in 1830.
  • American librarian and inventor of the Dewey Decimal System, Melvil Dewey is born in 1851.
  • German-Swedish poet, playwright and Nobel Prize laureate, Nelly Sachs is born in 1891.
  • American actress Una Merkel is born in 1903.
  • English actor Harry Locke is born in 1913.
  • American actress Susan Hallock Dey is born in 1952.
  • American actor Michael Clarke Duncan is born in 1957.
  • German-American author Cornelia Funke is born in 1958.
  • American chef, TV personality and author, Bobby Flay is born in 1964.
  • English actor Stephen Billington is born in 1969.
  • American actress Summer Phoenix is born in 1978.
  • Japanese singer and actress, Sakiko Matsui is born in 1990.
  • American football player Terrell Sinkfield is born in 1990.


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