June 23 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Pink Day - Weird
National Hydration Day - Weird
National Pecan Sandies Day - Weird
Public Service Day - International
International Widows' Day - International
Victory Day Estonia National holiday
Midsummer Eve Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
National Day Luxembourg National holiday
Statehood Day Moldova Observance
Father's Day Poland Observance
Jura Independence Day Switzerland (Jura) Common local holiday
Typewriter Day - Unofficial

Historical Events on June 23

  • 1683: A “Friendship Treaty” is signed between William Penn and Lenni Lanape Native Americans in Pennsylvania.
  • 1713: The French residents of Acadia are given an ultimatum by Great Britain: either leave Nova Scotia, Canada or pledge allegiance to the British Crown.
  • 1757: At the Battle of Plassey, 3,000 British troops under Robert Clive manage to defeat the 50,000 strong Indian Army.
  • 1758: At the Battle of Krefeld during the Seven Years’ War, French forces are defeated by the combined Prussian, Hanoverian and British forces.
  • 1760: At the Battle of Landeshut during the Seven Year’s War, Prussia is defeated by Austria.
  • 1770: The Battle of Springfield during the American Revolution is fought in New Jersey.
  • 1810: The Pacific Fur Company is founded by John Jacob Astor.
  • 1812: During the War of 1812, Great Britain removes the restrictions placed on American commerce.
  • 1860: The Government Printing Office is established by the U.S Congress.
  • 1865: Confederate Brigadier General Stand Watie surrenders at Fort Towson in the Oklahoma Territory during the American Civil War.
  • 1868: A patent for the typewriter is give to Christopher Latham Sholes on this date.
  • 1887: The first national park in Canada is created when the Rocky Mountains Park Act becomes law on this date.
  • 1940: Adolf Hitler, architect Albert Speer and sculptor Arno Breker go on a 3-hour tour of Paris to study the city’s architecture.
  • 1942: The German Focke-Wulf Fw 190 accidentally lands at RAF Pembrey in Wales allowing the fighter aircraft to be captured intact during World War 2.
  • 1947: The U.S House Of Representatives override United States’ President Harry Truman’s veto of the Taft Hartley Act.
  • 1951: The SS United States is launched on this date.

Famous Birthdays on June 23

  • Romanian author and poet, Magda Herzberger is born in 1926.
  • American singer-songwriter and actress, June Carter Cash is born in 1929.
  • American novelist Richard Back is born in 1936.
  • Finnish captain, 10th President of Finland and Nobel Prize laureate, Costas Simitis is born in 1936.
  • American sculptor Scott Burton is born in 1939.
  • American actress Frances McDormand is born in 1957.
  • American director and screenwriter, Joss Whedon is born in 1964.
  • American actress Selma Blair is born in 1972.


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