November 21 holidays in 2021

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
World Television Day - International (Art & Entertainment, Products & Technology )
World Hello Day - Unofficial (Activity & Action, Relationships & Family)
National Stuffing Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Red Mitten Day - Unofficial (Sports)
Christ the King Day Mexico Observance
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims - International (Awareness & Cause)
Dayton Peace Agreement Day Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska) Local Holiday
Sunday of the Dead Germany Silent Day
Armed Forces Day Greece Observance
Dignity and Freedom Day Ukraine Observance

Historical Events on November 21

  • 1620: Settlers at Plymouth Colony sign the Mayflower Compact.
  • 1676: Danish astronauts Ole Rømer quantifies the speed of light.
  • 1783: The first hot air balloon that flies without a tether is flown in Paris, France by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes.
  • 1789: North Carolina becomes the 12th United States’ State and ratifies the U.S Constitution.
  • 1861: Judah Benjamin is appointed as Confederate Secretary of War by Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
  • 1877: The invention of the phonograph is announced to the world by Thomas Edison.
  • 1905: Albert Einstein publishes the now famous article that leads to his formula E = mc² in the journal Annalen der Physik.
  • 1942: The completion of Alcan Highway is celebrated. However, this highway wouldn’t officially be able to be traveled by vehicles until the following year.
  • 1945: United Auto Workers demand a thirty-percent raise in wages and strike in ninety-two GM plants in fifty cities.
  • 1953: The Piltdown Man – once considered to be the most important hominid skull ever discovered, is determined by the National History Museum in London to be a hoax.
  • 2009: Over a hundred people are killed at a mine explosion in Heilongjiang, China.
  • 2012: Twenty-eight people are wounded after a bomb is tossed onto a Tel Aviv bus.
  • 2015: Due to potential terrorist attacks, the Belgium government puts into place a security lock-down on the city of Brussels which closed shops, public transportation and schools.

Famous Birthdays on November 21

  • French philosopher, playwright and historian, Voltaire is born in 1694.
  • American soldier and diarist Joseph Plumb Martin is born in 1760.
  • American baseball player and manager, Stan Musial is born in 1920.
  • American actor Joseph Campanella is born in 1924.
  • English author Christopher Tolkien is born in 1924.
  • Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk is born in 1965.
  • American author Rich Johnston is born in 1972.
  • American actress and singer, Rain Phoenix is born in 1972.

Corpus Christi

Summer Solstice

Bastille Day

VJ Day


Autumnal Equinox

Guy Fawkes Day