December 6 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
St. Nicholas Day - Christian
Put on Your Own Shoes Day - Unofficial
National Pawnbrokers Day - Unofficial
National Microwave Oven Day - Unofficial
National Gazpacho Day - Unofficial
Miners’ Day - Unofficial
St Nicholas Day United states Observance
Foundation of Quito Ecuador Local Holiday
Independence Day Finland National Holiday
Saint Nicholas Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
St Nicholas' Day Netherlands Observance
Constitution Day Spain National Holiday
Army Day Ukraine Observance

Historical Events on December 6

  • 1768: The first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is published on this day.
  • 1790: The United States Congress moves to Philadelphia from New York.
  • 1865: Slavery is outlawed when the 13th Amendment to the U.S Constitution is ratified.
  • 1884: In Washington, D.C., the final touches are done to the Washington Monument as it is finished.
  • 1907: Over 360 coal miners are killed when a coal mine explodes in Monongah, West Virginia.
  • 1917: Almost 2,000 people are killed when a munitions factory explodes near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • 1917: The German sub SM U-53 torpedoes and sinks the American destroyer the USS Jacob Jones.
  • 1933: The novel Ulysses by James Joyce is determined to be not obscene thanks to a ruling by the court of United States Federal judge John M. Woolsey is born.
  • 1973: The U.S House of Representatives confirms Gerald Ford as Vice President of the U.S.
  • 2006: Pictures from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor suggest that liquid water may be on Mars.

Famous Birthdays on December 6

  • American soldier, poet and author, Joyce Kilmer is born in 1886.
  • Welsh occultist and author, Dion Fortune is born in 1890.
  • Swedish sociologist and Nobel Prize laureate, Gunnar Myrdal is born in 1898.
  • American actress Agnes Moorehead is born in 1900.
  • American author and journalist, Elizabeth Yates is born in 1905.
  • American gangster Baby Face Nelson is born in 1908.
  • American actress JoBeth Williams is born in 1948.
  • American author and playwright, Linda Barnes is born in 1949.
  • American director and screenwriter, Craig Brewer is born in 1971.
  • American mixed martial artist, Jens Pulver is born in 1974.
  • English actor and screenwriter, Noel Clarke is born in 1975.
  • American football player Syndric Steptoe is born in 1984.
  • Greek swimmer Aristeidis Grigoriadis is born in 1985.
  • American baseball player Adam Eaton is born in 1988.
  • Japanese voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki is born in 1988.
  • Austrian tennis player Tamira Paszek is born in 1990.
  • American tennis player Coco Vandeweghe is born in 1991.


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