June 9 holidays in 2024

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Day of Murcia Spain (Murcia) Local Holiday
Day of La Rioja Spain (La Rioja) Local Holiday
National Heroes Day Uganda Public Holiday
National Donald Duck Day - Unofficial (Art & Entertainment, Fun & Joy)
National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Children’s Day United States

Historical Events on June 9

  • 1815: Luxembourg declares its independence from France.
  • 1856: Heading for the Mormon Trail, 500 Mormons leave Iowa City in Iowa.
  • 1862: Confederate General Stonewall Jackson wins the Battle of Port Republic. This concludes a very successful Shenandoah Valley Campaign that has been studied by military experts all around the globe.
  • 1863: The Battle of Brandy Station during the American Civil War takes place in Virginia.
  • 1934: Donald Duck makes his debut appearance in a Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies cartoon known as “The Wise Little Hen.”
  • 1944: In retaliation for the Maquisards attacks, 99 civilians are hung from balconies and lampposts by German forces in Tulle, France during World War 2.
  • 1953: Over 90 people are killed in Massachusetts by the Flint Worcester tornado outbreak.
  • 1959: The first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine – the USS George Washington – is launched on this day.
  • 1965: The Battle of Dong Xoai resumes between the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and Viet Cong forces.
  • 1967: Golan Heights is captured from Syria by Israel during the 6-Day War.
  • 1968: After the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, United States’ President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a “National Day of Morning.”
  • 1972: After a severe rain storm, a dam in the Black Hills of South Dakota burst. The resulting flood kills almost 240 people and causes over $160 million USD in damage.
  • 1973: Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes and wins the U.S Triple Crown of horse racing.
  • 1979: 7 people are killed during the Ghost Train fire at Lunar Park in Sydney, Australia.
  • 1999: NATO and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia sign a peace treaty during the Kosovo War.
  • 2009: Almost 50 people are injured and almost 20 are killed when an explosion erupts at a Peshawar, Pakistan hotel.
  • 2010: Over forty people are killed and seventy are wounded during a suicide bombing at a wedding party in Arghandab in Kandahar.

Famous Birthdays on June 9

  • American lawyer Luis Kutner author, and activist is born in 1908.
  • American basketball player and coach, Branch McCracken is born in 1908.
  • American actor, singer, and director, Robert Cummings, is born in 1910.
  • Australian public servant and diplomat, Australian High Commissioner to New Zealand, Ted Hicks, is born in 1910.
  • Canadian-American actor, producer and author, Michael J. Fox is born in 1961.
  • American screenwriter and playwright, Aaron Sorkin is born in 1961.
  • American actor Johnny Depp is born in 1963.
  • American director and screenwriter, David Koepp is born in 1963.
  • Canadian-American actress, singer and producer, Gloria Reuben is born in 1964.

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