Greenery Day

Greenery Day is a national holiday in Japan that started as a “filler” holiday but became a beloved holiday in its own right after 1989. This holiday is known as Midori no Hi, and as its name suggests, the purpose of this holiday is for people to commune with nature and to also be thankful for their blessings. Thanks to it extending the Golden Week celebrations, many Japanese people use this time to take vacations or take extended trips.

The History Of Greenery Day

Under the Japanese Holiday Law, any single day that falls between two holidays will also become a holiday. Since this day falls between Constitution Memorial Day and Children’s Day, it also became a holiday. Up until 2007, this holiday wasn’t usually referred to by its name but was instead known as the “in-between day.” This holiday capped Golden Week.

This holiday was originally observed on the 29th of April, but that was changed to Showa Day. April 29th is the birthday of Emperor Hirohito. After the emperor’s death in 1989, Greenery Day was established because of the emperor’s love of nature and plants.

Facts About Japan

Want some amazing facts about Japan? If you do, then we’re happy to say that we’ve added a few of them below. We consider them to be a fun addition to this holiday article.

Japan Is An Archipelago

Japan is an archipelago that has approximately 6,800 islands in it. However, most people consider Japan to officially be made up of just four islands. These islands consist of Honshu, Shikoku, Hokkaido, and Kyushu. Those four islands account for 97% of Japan’s total area.

Tokyo Is A Mega City

Another thing that people might not realize is that the Tokyo Metropolitan area contains a lot of people. This area is made up of three prefectures and has an estimated population of over 36 million people. Of course, in Tokyo proper, there’s really only about 13 million residents.

Japan Has a High Life Expectancy

Japan has an average life expectancy of 83.6 years old. However, that isn’t the highest life expectancy in the world. Hong Kong beats out Japan by just a little bit and has an average life expectancy of 84 years.

Japan Has A Lot Of Forests

Nature is an important part of Japanese culture, and after seeing how many trees are in Japan, it’s easy to see why. Approximately 70% of Japan is covered in forest. Great for enjoying Greenery Day in all its glory.

The Sea Of Japan Has A Lot Of Fish

Because of the Sea of Japan’s higher than normal concentration of dissolved oxygen, many fish species thrive in those waters. It’s been estimated that over 3,500 aquatic animal species and 1,000+ fish species call the Sea of Japan home.

Observing Greenery Day

On this day, many botanical and Japanese gardens are open to the public throughout Japan. People also use this time to commune with nature. Because it lengthens Golden Week, many people will use the time to take their vacations or to take an extended trip. Many places in Japan will also offer free admission to the public. This includes the Ueno Zoo, Rikugien Garden, and Kiyosumi Garden.

Where is it celebrated?
Japan (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
May 4 Saturday
Next year (2025)
May 4 Sunday
Last year (2023)
May 4 Thursday