If You’re A Chocolate Fanatic, Then June Might Just Be The Month For You!

Everyone who took 2-seconds to read the title of this post today will realize that we’re going to talk about chocolate and why June might be the month for chocolate fanatics to love. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that this month is the only month to enjoy great chocolate holidays. After all, there are chocolate holidays that can be found all over the calendar including National Dark Chocolate Day, Office Chocolate Day, and many others. However, I think if people look at the calendar, they’ll notice that there’s an especially high concentration of chocolate holidays in June. Why? Well, to be honest with you, we really don’t know why. It just seems that everyone likes to invent chocolate holidays and placed them in June.

A month that comes close to having a large number of chocolate holidays in February, but that kind of makes sense to us. That month is when Valentine’s Day is observed, and it’s also a month when people are getting ready to give up sweets in anticipation of Lent. That means a lot of people are trying to squeeze chocolate into their diet before they have to begin their fast. Besides, February is National Chocolate Month, too. We personally think that June should be National Chocolate Month, but we don’t usually invent the holidays we just report on them.

Okay, we’ve wasted enough time setting up this holiday, so let’s get to work and report on the 7 chocolate holidays that can be found during this month. We think that these holidays allow people to enjoy chocolate in a number of different ways. Sometimes in ice cream, sometimes in eclairs, and sometimes in pudding. It’s the perfect roundup of chocolate holidays for people to get worked up over. So without further ado, allow us to introduce the June chocolate holidays that we feel chocolate lovers are going to enjoy.

National Rocky Road Day (June 2nd)

For anyone who’s not familiar with rocky road, allow us to introduce you two. Rocky Road is a splendid blend of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and of course, nuts. It was invented in 1929 by William Dreyer and it’s been an American favorite ever since. It can be enjoyed straight-up in a bowl with some whipped cream on top, or it can be made into a variety of delicious dishes including Rocky Road Ice Cream Pops, Rocky Road Ice Cream Bars, or even used as one of the flavors in a Banana Split! Wow, that sounds good, doesn’t it?

National Chocolate Macaroons Day (June 3rd)

Plain old macaroons are great by themselves. They are delicious biscuits or small cakes that are made from ground almonds, coconut (sometimes other nuts, too), sugar, and various flavorings. However, chocolate macaroons are the absolute best of the best. They can be enjoyed alone with a glass of milk (either white milk, or even better, chocolate milk), or crumbled up and used as a topping on ice cream (shall we dare say Rocky Road) or on yogurt. They can also be used in milkshakes, or as a garnish to cupcakes.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (June 7th)

Every June 7th is observed as National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. This is a holiday that we don’t really feel like we need to give much of an introduction about. It’s one of the most popular ice creams in the U.S. and is also enjoyed by millions of people around the world. A good pint of chocolate ice cream can be used to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakes, Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas, Ice Cream Torte, Chocolate Eggnog, and Black Bottom Ice Cream Pie. Man, now we’re hungry.

National German Chocolate Cake Day (June 11th)

What makes a good German Chocolate Cake? Well, if you ask different people around the world, you’re likely to get different answers. For some people, a German Chocolate Cake is simply one that’s a devil’s food cake with a fudge frosting. For other people, it’s a chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling, and for still other people, it’s a Black Forest Cake. And we feel all those are good cakes to enjoy on this holiday. However, our favorite is the classic chocolate cake that’s layered with a pecan-coconut frosting, not only on top but also between the layers. Of course, we’re not against having a sample from all of these chocolate cakes — may be served with a nice dose of insulin because we’re going to need it!

National Fudge Day (June 16th)

You can’t skip National Fudge Day this month. Now, we know that some people are going to complain about our addition of this holiday to our list of June chocolate holidays. After all, fudge can be made with only cocoa butter, to produce white fudge, or it can be made without any chocolate elements at all, so allow us to explain. In our minds, those other types of fudges don’t exist. If it isn’t chocolate fudge, then it doesn’t exist in our universe; End of story.

National Chocolate Eclair Day (June 22nd)

A nice choux dough with chocolate icing is incredible, especially when they have chocolate pastry cream inside of them. Just go out there and grab an eclair and shove it in the pie hole at the bottom of your face. Yes, we know, a lot of etiquette experts say that chocolate eclairs always have to be eaten with a knife and fork, but to those people, we say that it’s okay to use your hands. Everyone who has ever eaten a chocolate eclair understands. Trust us.

National Chocolate Pudding Day (June 26th)

The last chocolate-oriented holiday in June is National Chocolate Pudding Day. This is a day that encourages everyone to enjoy a simple dessert food that’s been around since the 18th century. It’s a food that can be eaten plain, or it can be turned into some very wonderful desserts. A box of chocolate pudding can be used to make Chocolate Espresso Lava Cake, Creme de Menthe Squares, Cookie Bars, Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse, and Grasshopper Pie.

That does it for us, folks. We hope that we’ve given all chocolate fanatics out there some ideas for celebrating Chocolate June. And yes, we’ve just renamed this month. It’s now forever going to be a holiday that celebrates chocolate in all of its forms, so National Chocolate Month can take a hike!