March 6 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Day of Memorial and Respect for Veterans Kosovo Observance
Independence Day Ghana Public Holiday
National Oreo Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Dentist’s Day - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
National Dress Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
National Frozen Food Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Oreo Cookie Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Finisher’s Medal Day - Unofficial (Sports, Weird & Obscure)
March bank holiday Qatar Bank Holiday
National Professional Pet Sitters Week - Unofficial (Animals, Work & Occupation)
No More Week - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause)
International Women’s Week - Unofficial (Appreciation & Honor)
World Orphan Week - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause, Relationships & Family)
National Consumer Protection Week - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause)
National Procrastination Week - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause)
National Groundwater Awareness Week - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause, Nature & Environment)
National Dental Assistants Recognition Week - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
National Schools Social Work Week - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
Newspapers In Education Week - Unofficial (Education & Reading)
Read An E-Book Week - Unofficial (Education & Reading)
Words Matter Week - Unofficial (Education & Reading)
Teen Tech Week - Unofficial (Products & Technology )

Historical Events on March 6

  • 1820: United States President James Monroe signs the Missouri Compromise into law. This law allows the state of Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, Maine to enter as a free state and makes the rest of the northern portion of the Louisiana Purchase Territory free of slavery.
  • 1834: Part of Upper Canada is incorporated as Toronto.
  • 1836: After holding off the siege of over three thousand Mexican troops for 13-days, 187 Texas volunteers are killed – including Colonel Jim Bowie and frontiersman Davy Crockett at the Battle of the Alamo.
  • 1857: In the Dred Scott v. Sandford case, the U.S Supreme Court comes to a decision.
  • 1899: Aspirin is registered by Bayer as a registered trademark.
  • 1945: American forces capture Cologne during World War II.
  • 1945: The last major German Offensive of World War II – Operation Spring Awakening – begins on this day.
  • 1951: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s trial starts on this day.
  • 1970: 3 people are killed during an explosion at the Weather Underground safe house located in Greenwich Village.
  • 1981: Walter Cronkite has his last appearance on the CBS Evening News after almost 20 years of presenting the news.

Famous Birthdays on March 6

  • Italian painter and sculptor, Michelangelo is born in 1475.
  • Italian painter Santi di Tito is born in 1536.
  • English poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning is born in 1806.
  • American comedian and actor, Lou Costello is born in 1906.
  • Scottish-American singer and actress, Ella Logan is born in 1910.
  • American illustrator Will Eisner is born in 1917.
  • American economist Alan Greenspan is born in 1926.
  • American screenwriter William J. Bell is born in 1927.
  • American actress Connie Britton is born in 1967.
  • American actress and director, Moira Kelly is born in 1968.
  • American actress Ellen Muth is born in 1981.
  • American actor Eli Marienthal is born in 1986.
  • English footballer Nathan Redmond is born in 1994.
  • American basketball player Marcus Smart is born in 1994.

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