May 3 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Constitution Memorial Day Japan National Holiday
Cross Day El salvador Observance
World Press Freedom Day - International (Work & Occupation, United Nations)
Constitution Day Poland National Holiday
National Lumpy Rug Day - Unofficial (Weird & Obscure)
National Garden Meditation Day - Unofficial (Health & Body, Nature & Environment)
National Specially-Able Pets Day - Unofficial (Animals)
National Two Different Colored Shoes Day - Unofficial (Weird & Obscure)
National Paranormal Day - Unofficial (Weird & Obscure)
National Chocolate Custard Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Raspberry Pop Over Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Textiles Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
National Foster Care Day - Unofficial (Relationships & Family)
National Teacher Appreciation Day - Unofficial (Education & Reading, Work & Occupation)
Akshaya Tritiya - Hindu
Eid ul Fitr Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Eid al-Fitr Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Eid-e-Fetr (End of Ramadan) Iran National Holiday
Orozo Ait Kyrgyzstan Public Holiday
Hari Raya Puasa Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Ramadan Feast Eve Turkey Half Day
Labor Day observed Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Holiday
End of Ramadan Bosnia and Herzegovina Optional Holiday
Labor holiday second day Serbia National Holiday
Korité Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Aid el-Fitr - Public Holiday
Eid el Fitr Egypt National Holiday
Id ul Fitr Ghana Public Holiday
Id el Fitr Nigeria Public Holiday
Eid el Fitri Tanzania Public Holiday
Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) - Islamic

Historical Events on May 3

  • 1837: In the city of Athens in Greece, the University of Athens is started.
  • 1855: William Walker and sixty men leave San Francisco it conquer Nicaragua.
  • 1867: The Hudson Bay Company gives up its claim to Vancouver Island.
  • 1921: West Virginia is the first U.S State to pass a law creating a broad-sweeping sales tax. However, it isn’t implemented for several years due to problems with enforcement.
  • 1937: Margaret Mitchell wins the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the novel Gone with the Wind.
  • 1942: Imperial Japanese naval forces invade Tulagi Island in the Solomon Island Chain. This will result in the Battle of the Coral Sea between Japanese forces and U.S and Australian forces.
  • 1947: A new Japanese constitution goes into effect after WWII.
  • 1948: The United States Supreme Court rules that courts cannot enforce racial covenants on real estate during Shelley v. Kraemer.
  • 1951: Royal Festival Hall in London opens on this day.
  • 1951: Closed-door hearing on the dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur by United States President Harry Truman is begun by the U.S Senate Committee on the Armed Services & the U.S Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
  • 1978: A Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative sends a bulk commercial email to every ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) address on the Western Coast of the U.S. This is the first official instance of SPAM.
  • 1986: After a bomb explodes on Flight UL 512 in Sri Lanka, 21 people are killed and another 41 are injured.
  • 1999: Over 660 people are injured and another 45 are killed during an F5 tornado in Oklahoma City.

Famous Birthdays on May 3

  • German-French physicist, poet and Nobel Prize laureate, Alfred Kastler is born in 1902.
  • American singer and actor, Bing Crosby is born in 1903.
  • American actress Mary Astor is born in 1906.
  • American poet and novelist, May Sarton is born in 1912.
  • American novelist and playwright, William Inge is born in 1913.
  • American singer-songwriter James Brown is born in 1933.

American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Steven Weinberg is born in 1933.

Mardi Gras

Good Friday

Arbor Day

Memorial Day