September 9 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Teddy Bear Day
- Weird
Care Bears Share Your Care Day
- Weird
National Wiener Schnitzel Day
- Weird
Stand Up To Cancer Day
- Weird

Historical Events on September 9

  • 1543: Mary Stuart – who would later become known as Queen of Scots – is crowned Queen in Stirling, Scotland.
  • 1739: One of the largest slave uprisings to occur before the American Revolution, happens near Charleston, South Carolina. It will become known as the Stono Rebellion.
  • 1776: The Continental Congress finally decides to officially name its conglomeration of states the United States of America.
  • 1791: The seat of political power in the United States, the capital, is named Washington, D.C after President George Washington – the first President of the United States.
  • 1839: The first photograph taken using a glass plate is taken by John Herschel on this day.
  • 1850: California officially becomes the 31st state of the United States of America.
  • 1855: Russian forces abandon the city of Sevastopol and thereby end the Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War.
  • 1863: Union forces enter the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee during the American Civil War.
  • 1939: During WWII, the Battle of Hel starts.
  • 1940: The first remote operation of a computer is pioneered by George Stibitz.
  • 1942: During WWII, Japan commissions a float plane which drops incendiary bombs on Oregon on this day.
  • 1943: The Allies invade Italy and land at Taranto and Salerno, Italy during World War II.
  • 1945: Japan formally surrenders to China on this day.
  • 1947: A moth is found lodged in a relay of the Mark II Computer at Harvard University. From this day on, any computer problem would be known as a computer bug.
  • 1965: The United States creates the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development on this day.
  • 1966: United States’ President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Acts into law.

Famous Birthdays on September 9

  • American paleontologist Joseph Leidy is born in 1823.
  • Russian author and playwright Leo Tolstoy is born in 1828.
  • English Author Joseph Henry Shorthouse is born in 1834.
  • American author Leon Edel is born in 1907.
  • Italian author and poet Cesare Pavese is born in 1908.
  • Japanese admiral Shigekazu Shimazaki is born in 1908.
  • American actress Jane Greer is born in 1924.
  • Native American educator, poet and author Louise Albeita is born in 1926.
  • British actor Hugh Grant is born in 1960.
  • American author Kimberly Willis Holt is born in 1960.
  • American golfer Skip Kendall is born in 1964.