June 16 holidays in 2024

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Bloomsday - Unofficial (Education & Reading)
National Fudge Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Turkey Lovers’ Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Fathers' Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Father's Day Multiple [Show] Observance
Father´s Day Costa Rica Observance
International Day of Family Remittances - International (Relationships & Family, Work & Occupation, United Nations)
Day of Arafat Afghanistan Public Holiday
Arafat Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Waqfat Arafat Day Kuwait Official Holiday
Sacrifice Feast Eve Turkey Half Day
Galla Bayramy (Wheat Harvest Festival) Turkmenistan Observance
Day of Arafah Libya Public Holiday
Youth Day South Africa Public Holiday

Historical Events on June 16

  • 1774: Harrodsburg in Kentucky is founded on this day.
  • 1779: The Great Siege of Gibraltar starts when Spain declares war on Great Britain.
  • 1795: The First Battle of Groix starts. This battle is also known as Cornwallis’ Retreat.
  • 1858: In Springfield, Illinois, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivers one of his most famous speeches: the “House Divided” speech.
  • 1871: Students are allowed to enter Cambridge University, Oxford and Durham University without having to take a religious test first thanks to the University Tests Act.
  • 1883: In Sunderland, England, over 180 children are killed when the Victoria Hall Theater Panic happens on this date.
  • 1897: A treaty that annexes Hawaii to the U.S is signed on this day.
  • 1904: Jame Joyce starts a relationship with Nora Barnacle and uses the date to set the action for his novel Ulysses. The day is now known as Bloomsday.
  • 1911: In Endicott, New York, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company is founded. This company would eventually change its name to IBM.
  • 1940: In Lithuania, a Communist government is established.
  • 1944: George Junius Stinney, Jr. is executed at the age of 14. He’s the youngest person to be put to death in the U.S in the 20th
  • 1981: The Congressional Gold Medal is awarded to Ken Taylor by United States’ President Ronald Reagan. Ken Taylor received the award for helping 6 Americans escape Iran during the hostage crisis on 1979 to 1981 while he was Canada’s foreign ambassador to Iran.
  • 2012: The Boeing X-37B returns to Earth after finishing its orbital mission.

Famous Birthdays on June 16

  • Apache American tribal leader and resistance fighter, Geronimo is born in 1829.
  • German chemist and Nobel Prize laureate, Georg Wittig is born in 1897.
  • American geneticist and Nobel Prize laureate, Barbara McClintock is born in 1902.
  • American paleontologist and author, George Gaylord Simpson is born in 1902.
  • American politician Richard Madaleno is born in 1965.
  • American singer-songwriter and producer, Adam Schmitt is born in 1968.
  • American rapper and producer, Tupac Shakur is born in 1971.


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