April 30 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
St. James the Great Day - Christian
International Jazz Day - International (Art & Entertainment, United Nations)
Carnival Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Liberation Day/Reunification Day Vietnam National Holiday
Education Day Congo Democratic Republic Public Holiday
National Bubble Tea Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Sarcoidosis Day - Unofficial (Health & Body)
National Military Brats Day - Unofficial (Relationships & Family)
National PrepareAthon! Day - Unofficial (Activity & Action)
National Honesty Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day - Unofficial (Animals)
National Bugs Bunny Day - Unofficial (Art & Entertainment, Fun & Joy)
National Hairstylist Appreciation Day - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
National Oatmeal Cookie Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Raisin Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Rebuilding Day - Unofficial (Activity & Action)
National Sense of Smell Day - Unofficial (Health & Body)
National Pool Opening Day - Unofficial (Activity & Action)
National Kiss of Hope Day - Unofficial (Relationships & Family)
Children's Day Mexico Observance
Children´s Day Colombia Observance
Walpurgis Night Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
May Day observed Congo Democratic Republic Public Holiday

Historical Events on April 30

  • 1636: During the 80 Years’ War, an important fort is recaptured from Spain by Dutch Republic forces after a 9-month siege.
  • 1789: George Washington takes the oath to become President of the U.S on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in the city of New York.
  • 1803: The size of the United States more than doubles when the U.S purchases the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million USD.
  • 1812: The Territory of New Orleans is renamed Louisiana and it becomes the 18thS State.
  • 1871: In the Arizona Territory, the Camp Grant Massacre occurs.
  • 1885: A bill creating Niagara Reservation – the first state park in New York – is signed by New York Governor David B. Hill.
  • 1900: Hawaii becomes a U.S territory and Sanford B. Dole is made its governor.
  • 1904: In St. Louis, Missouri, the World’s Fair of 1904 opens; Supposedly, the ice cream cone is invented at this fair.
  • 1938: The prototype of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny named Happy Rabbit debuts in an animated cartoon short shown in movie theaters called Porky’s Hare Hunt.
  • 1939: In New York, the New York World’s Fair opens.
  • 1943: Near Huelva, the HMS Seraph – a British submarine – comes to the surface to cast adrift a corpse dressed as a courier and carrying intentionally false invasion plans.
  • 1945: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun both commit suicide in the Fuhrerbunker. Hitler does so by shooting himself in the head and Braun does so by biting down on a cyanide capsule.
  • 1945: Soviet forces raise the Victory Banner on the Reichstag Building.
  • 1945: Almost 9,000 British and American airmen are freed when the Soviets liberate Stalag POW camp near Barth in Germany.

Famous Birthdays on April 30

  • Belarusian-American economist and Nobel Prize laureate, Simon Kuznets is born in 1901.
  • American economist and Nobel Prize laureate, Theodore Schultz is born in 1902.
  • American conductor Robert Shaw is born in 1916.
  • American singer Bea Wain is born in 1917.
  • American actress Kirsten Dunst is born in 1982.
  • Israeli actress and model, Gal Gadot is born in 1985.
  • American actress and singer, Dianna Agron is born in 1986.

Mardi Gras

Palm Sunday

Tax Day

Labor Day

Mother’s Day

Corpus Christi