July 6 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
World Kissing Day
- Weird
National Fried Chicken Day
- Weird
National Hand Roll Day *
- Weird

Historical Events on July 6

  • 1777: American forces retreat from Fort Ticonderoga in New York after British artillery is levied on it at the Siege of Fort Ticonderoga during the American Revolutionary War.
  • 1779: British forces are defeated by French forces at the Battle of Grenada during the American Revolutionary War.
  • 1809: The second day of the Battle of Wagram during the Napoleonic Wars.
  • 1854: The first convention of the U.S Republican Party is held in Jackson, Michigan.
  • 1865: The Nation Magazine is published for the first time.
  • 1885: Louis Pasteur successfully tests his rabies vaccine.
  • 1917:E. Lawrence leads Arabian troops to capture Aqaba from the Ottoman Empire during World War I.
  • 1939: The last remaining Jewish establishments in Germany are closed down for good by the Nazis.
  • 1940: Story Bridge in Brisbane, Australia is opened.
  • 1941: Nazi forces try to encircle several Soviet armies near Smolensk during World War 2.
  • 1942: Anne Frank and her family go into hiding during World War 2.
  • 1944: Jackie Robinson refuses to go to a back of a bus. This would lead to a court-martial.
  • 1947: The Soviet Union begins manufacturing the AK-47.
  • 2013: At a school shooting in Yobe State in Nigeria, over 42 people are killed.
  • 2013: Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashes at San Francisco International Airport. Of the 307 people on board, 181 are injured and 3 are killed.
  • 2013: An oil train derails at Lac-Megantic in Quebec and bursts into flames. More than thirty buildings are destroyed and over Forty-seven people are killed.

Famous Birthdays on July 6

  • American businessman Harold Stirling Vanderbilt is born in 1884.
  • American author and illustrator Will James is born in 1892.
  • Swedish biochemist and Nobel Prize laureate, Hugo Theorell is born in 1903.
  • American actor, producer and TV game show creator, Merv Griffin is born in 1925.
  • American singer-songwriter Bill Haley is born in 1925.
  • American actress Janet Leigh is born in 1927.
  • American actress and singer, Della Reese is born in 1931.
  • American actor Ned Beatty is born in 1937.
  • American businessman and 43rd President of the U.S., George W. Bush is born in 1946.
  • American actor Fred Dryer is born in 1946.
  • American actor and screenwriter, Sylvester Stallone is born in 1946.
  • Australian actor and producer, Geoffrey Rush is born in 1951.