September 16 holidays in 2019

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Malaysia Day Malaysia Federal public holiday
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer United states United nations observance
National Heroes Day Saint kitts and nevis Public holiday
Independence Day Papua new guinea Public holiday
Independence Day Mexico National holiday
Respect for the Aged Day Japan National holiday
Day of Martyr Omar Al-Mokhtar Libya Public holiday
National Play-Doh Day - Weird
National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day - Weird
National Step Family Day - Weird
National Working Parents Day - Weird
Mayflower Day - Weird
Federal Fast Monday Switzerland (Vaud) Common local holiday
Collect Rocks Day - Unofficial
National Guacamole Day - Weird

Historical Events on September 16

  • 1814: Francis Scott Key finally completes his poem The Star-Spangled Banner. It would go on to become the official national anthem of the U.S.A on the 3rd of March in 1931.
  • 1880: The oldest continuously-independent college daily is the U.S is printed in Ithaca, New York. It’s the Cornell Daily Sun.
  • 1908: American automaker General Motors Corporation is founded on this day.
  • 1920: A bomb hidden in a horse wagon explodes on Wall Street in front of the J.P Morgan building in New York. Latter dubbed the Wall Street Bombing, this attack kills almost 40 people and injures
  • another 400.
  • 1940: Sidi Barrani, Egypt is captured by Italian troops during World War II.
  • 1943: The German 10th Army makes a report that it is no longer possible for it to contain the Allied bridgehead around Salerno during World War II.
  • 1945: Japanese troops in Hong Kong surrender to the Royal Navy during WWII.
  • 1955: A military coup to unseat President Juan Perón of Argentina begins on this day at midnight.
  • 1955: The Soviet become the first to launch a ballistic missile from a Zulu-class submarine.
  • 1959: The Xerox 914 is introduced on live TV. It’s the first successful photocopier.
  • 1980: Vincent and the Grenadines join the U.N.
  • 1982: During the Lebanon War, the Shatila and Sabra massacre in takes place in Lebanon.

Famous Birthdays on September 16

  • American businessman and founder of J.C. Penny is born in 1875.
  • American-Canadian inventor, businessman and founder of Schick Razors Jacob Schick is born in 1877.
  • English poet, author and playwright Alfred Noyes is born in 1880.
  • English race car driver, enginer and founder of Bentley Motors W.O. Bentley is born in 1888.
  • Finnish author and Nobel Prize laureate Frans Eemil Sillanpää is born in 1888.
  • Austrian-German spy Stephanie von Hohenlohe is born in 1891.
  • American actress Lauren Bacall is born in 1924.
  • American guitarist and singer-songwriter B.B. King is born in 1925.
  • American novelist John Knowles is born in 1926.
  • American actor Peter Falk is born in 1927.
  • American actor Ed Begley Jr. is born in 1949.
  • American magician David Copperfield is born in 1956.
  • American comedian and actress Amy Poehler is born in 1971.

Guy Fawkes Day

Giving Tuesday

Boxing Day



Palm Sunday

Tax Day