November 12 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Happy Hour Day - Unofficial
World Pneumonia Day - International
National French Dip Day - Unofficial
National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day - Unofficial
National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day - Unofficial
Remembrance Sunday United kingdom Observance
Harvest Festival Turkmenistan Observance
Youth National Day East timor Public Holiday
Birthday of the Sultan of Kelantan (Day 2) Malaysia (Kelantan) Common Local Holiday
Sun Yat-sen's Birthday Taiwan Observance
Father's Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Fathers' Day Iceland Observance
Maore Day Comoros Public Holiday
Grandparents' Day South sudan Observance
Diwali/Deepavali India Gazetted Holiday
Diwali - Hindu

Historical Events on November 12

  • 1920: The Treaty of Rapallo is signed by Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
  • 1927: Leon Trotsky is forced out of the Soviet Communist Party. This leaves Joseph Stalin in control of the entire Soviet Union.
  • 1936: The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge opens for traffic in California on this day.
  • 1940: Free French Forces bring the Battle of Gabon to an end during World War II when they take French Equatorial Africa, Gabon and Libreville from Vichy French troops.
  • 1940: During German-Soviet Talks, Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov is brought to Berlin to discuss the possibility of the Soviet Union joining the Axis Powers.
  • 1941: At the Battle of Sevastopol during WWII, the Soviet ship Chervona Ukraina is destroyed.
  • 1942: At the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal during World War II, American and Japanese forces clash for 3 days. America emerges from the battle victorious.
  • 1944: Off the coast of Tromsø, Norway, the German battleship Tirpitz is sunk by 29 Avro Lancaster bombers launched by the Royal Air Force.
  • 1971: United States President Richard Nixon sets the first of February 1972 as the deadline to remove an additional 45,000 American soldiers, sailors and airmen from Vietnam.
  • 1979: United States President Jimmy Carter halts all petroleum imports into the U.S from Iran as a response to the Tehran hostage crisis.
  • 1980: Voyage I passes close to the planet Saturn and takes pictures of its elaborate rings.
  • 1981: Using the Space Shuttle Columbia, Mission STS-2 is launched into space.
  • 1990: A formal proposal for the creation of the World Wide Web is advanced by Tim Berners-Lee.

Famous Birthdays on November 12

  • French-Canadian nurse and founder of the first North American hospital, Jeanne Mance is born in 1606.
  • American entomologist and botanist Thaddeus William Harris is born in 1795.
  • French sculptor and illustrator August Rodin is born in 1840.
  • American actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly is born in 1929.
  • German author Michael Ende is born in 1929.
  • American mass murder conspirator and cult leader, Charles Manson is born in 1934.
  • Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is born in 1980.

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Maundy Thursday

Record Store Day

Easter Monday

Memorial Day