April 23 holidays in 2018

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
St. George's Day
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
World Book and Copyright Day
- International
National Sovereignty and Children's Day
Turkey National Holiday
German Beer Day
Germany Observance
Language Day
Colombia Observance
Confederate Memorial Day
United states (Alabama, Florida) State Holiday
State Holiday
United states (Georgia) State Holiday
St George's Feast
Holy see (vatican city) National Holiday
Day of Turks
Kosovo Observance
Day of Aragón
Spain (Aragon) Local Holiday
St George's Day
Spain (Catalonia) Local Holiday
Castile and León Day
Spain (Castile-leon) Local Holiday
Landing of the 33 orientals
Uruguay Bank Holiday
English Language Day
- International
Shakespeare Day
United kingdom Observance
National Talk Like Shakespeare Day
- Weird
National Picnic Day
- Weird
National Take a Chance Day
- Weird
National Cherry Cheesecake Day
- Weird
National Lost Dogs Awareness Day
- Weird

Historical Events on April 23

  • 1635: In Boston, Massachusetts, the very first U.S public school is founded. It’s called Boston Latin School.
  • 1655: The Siege of Santo Domingo starts on this day. However, it would end up failing just 7 days later.
  • 1660: Poland and Sweden sign the Treaty of Oliva.
  • 1661: King Charles II of England is crowned in Westminster Abbey on this day.
  • 1914: The first game of baseball is held at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. At the time, this field is known as Weeghman Park.
  • 1918: The British Royal Navy attacks the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge in an attempt to destroy it.
  • 1940: Almost 200 people are killed when a fire breaks out at the Rhythm Club in Natchez, Mississippi.
  • 1942: The cities of Exeter, York and Bath are bombed by German bombers during the Baedeker Blitz of World War II. These raids are a direct retaliation for the British attacking Lubeck.
  • 1945: Adolf Hitler replaces Hermann Göring with Joseph Goebbels and Karl Donitz when Goring asks Hitler if he could take leadership of the Third Reich.
  • 1968: Students take over Columbia University in New York City during a protest and shut it down.
  • 1985: Coca-Cola changes its formula and releases New Coke. However, after the initial response is negative, the switch back to the original formula in under 3 months.
  • 2005: The very first YouTube video titled “Me at the Zoo” is published by the user named Jawed.
  • 2013: Violence breaks out in Hawija, Iraq and results in more than seventy people being injured and almost thirty people killed.

Famous Birthdays on April 23

  • American lawyer and 15thS President, James Buchanan is born in 1791.
  • Danish physician and Nobel Prize laureate, Johannes Fibiger is born in 1867.
  • American actress, singer, dancer and diplomat, Shirley Temple is born in 1928.
  • American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison is born in 1936.
  • American actor Lee Majors is born in 1939.
  • American actress and model, Sandra Dee is born in 1942.
  • American director Michael Moore is born in 1954.
  • Australian actress Judy Davis is born in 1955.

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