November 10 holidays in 2019

Holiday nameHoliday locationHoliday type
Marine Corps Birthday
United states Observance
Prophet's Birthday
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Remembrance Day
Turks and caicos islands Observance
The Prophet's Birthday
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
World Science Day for Peace and Development
- International
Benin Public Holiday
Shout in Villa de los Santos
Panama National Holiday
Remembrance Sunday
United kingdom Observance
Father's Day
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Id el Maulud
Nigeria Public Holiday
Fathers' Day
Iceland Observance
Prophet Mohamed's birthday
Egypt National Holiday
Ataturk Memorial Day
Turkey Observance
Senegal Public Holiday
Grandparents' Day
South sudan Observance
Maulid un-Nabi
Philippines Common Local Holidays
National Forget-Me-Not Day
- Weird
National Vanilla Cupcake Day
- Weird
Harvest Festival
Turkmenistan Observance

Historical Events on November 10

  • 1702: James Moore leads English colonists as they attack St. Augustine during the Queen Anne’s War.
  • 1766: Colonial Governor of New Jersey – William Franklin – signs the charter for Queen’s College. This college would eventually be renamed Rutgers University.
  • 1775: On this day, the U.S Marine Corps are founded at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Samuel Nicholas.
  • 1865: Confederate Major Henry Wirz – a Swiss immigrant and a superintendent of the Anderson Prison in Andersonville, Georgia – is hanged for war crimes.
  • 1954: The USMC War Memorial is dedicated by United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Arlington Ridge Park in Virginia.
  • 1970: During the Vietnam War, an entire week elapses with no official reports of American combat fatalities in the Southeast Asian theater of operation.
  • 1983: Windows 1.0 is announced by Bill Gates but doesn’t actually begin shipping until November of 1985.
  • 1989: Germans begin tearing down sections of the Berlin Wall.

Famous Birthdays on November 10

  • German monk and leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther is born in 1483.
  • Dutch poet and politician Jacob Cats is born in 1577.
  • English physician and astronomer John Bevis is born in 1695.
  • American singer and actor Jane Froman is born in 1907.
  • English author John Moore is born in 1907.
  • American poet Karl Shapiro is born in 1913.
  • American trumpet player and composer Billy May is born in 1916.
  • German chemist and Nobel Prize laureate Ernst Otto Fischer is born in 1918.
  • American actor Roy Scheider is born in 1932.
  • American singer and guitarist Tommy Facenda is born in 1939.
  • American economist and Nobel Prize laureate Robert F. Engle is born in 1942.
  • American author and historian Mark E. Neely, Jr. is born in 1944.
  • American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Donna Fargo is born in 1945.
  • American screenwriter and producer Debra Hill is born in 1950.
  • American author, poet and journalist, Holly Black is born in 1971.
  • American actress Brittany Murphy is born in 1977.
  • American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient, Jason Dunham is born in 1981.

Leif Erikson Day

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Cyber Monday

Giving Tuesday


Mardi Gras