September 15 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Independence Day Multiple [Show] National Holiday
Independence Day Multiple [Show] National Holiday
Independence Day Multiple [Show] National Holiday
Independence Day Multiple [Show] National Holiday
Independence Day Multiple [Show] National Holiday
Shout of Dolores Mexico Observance
International Day of Democracy - International (Awareness & Cause)
Day of Our Lady of Sorrows Slovakia National Holiday
Nuestra Señora de la Bien Aparecida Spain (Cantabria) Local Holiday
International Dot Day - Unofficial (Education & Reading, Hobby & Creativity)
National Cheese Toast Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Linguine Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Felt Hat Day - Unofficial (Lifestyle)
National Double Cheeseburger Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Creme de Menthe Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Tackle Kids Cancer Day - Unofficial (Health & Body)
National Online Learning Day - Unofficial (Education & Reading)
Greenpeace Day - Unofficial (Nature & Environment)
National Tradesmen Day - Unofficial (Work & Occupation)
National POW/MIA Recognition Day United States Observance (Appreciation & Honor, Awareness & Cause)
Rosh Hashana Eve Argentina Hebrew
Martyrdom of Imam Reza Iran National Holiday
Erev Rosh Hashana Israel Observance, Hebrew
Restoration of Primorska to the Motherland Day Slovenia Observance
Make a Hat Day - Unofficial (Hobby & Creativity, Lifestyle)

Historical Events on September 15

  • 1776: During the New York Campaign of the American Revolutionary War, British troops land at Kip’s Bay.
  • 1789: The U.S Department of Foreign Affairs is renamed to the Department of State; It’s also given a number of different domestic duties.
  • 1795: The Dutch Cape Colony in Southern Africa is seized by Great Britain.
  • 1812: The second supply train to be sent to give supplies to Fort Harrison is ambushed at the Attack of the Narrows during the War of 1812.
  • 1812: Napoleon leads the French army to the Kremlin in Moscow.
  • 1916: At the Battle of the Somme during World War I, tanks are used for the first time in battle.
  • 1918: Allied troops crash Bulgarian defenses on the Macedonian Front during WWI.
  • 1935: Germany enacts the Nuremberg Laws which deprive German Jews of their citizenship.
  • 1935: Nazi Germany adopts the flag that has a swastika in a white circle on a red field as their new national flag.
  • 1940: It’s the climax of the Battle of Britain during World War II. On this day, a large number of Luftwaffe aircraft are shot down by British forces.
  • 1942: The Japanese fires torpedoes and sinks the United States Navy aircraft carrier the USS Wasp at Guadalcanal.
  • 1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet in Quebec at the Octagon Conference.
  • 1967: United States President Lyndon B. Johnson writes a letter to Congress which urges the enactment of gun control legislation. He did this in response to the sniper attack at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • 1968: The Soviets launch the Zond 5 spaceship. It will become the first spacecraft to fly around the moon and then reenter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Famous Birthdays on September 15

  • 601 – Ali, First Shi’a imam/Fourth Sunni caliph (d. 661)
  • 767 – Saichō, Japanese monk (d. 822)
  • 786 – Al-Ma’mun, Iraqi caliph (d. 833)
  • The 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft is born in 1857.
  • English crime novelist, playwright and short story writer Agatha Christie is born in 1890.
  • American football player Chic Harley is born in 1894.
  • American football player Dan Marino is born in 1961.
  • American drummer Allen Shellenberger is born in 1969.
  • American swimmer Tom Dolan is born in 1975.

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