Date Name Location / Topic
Jan 1 Sunday

New Year's Day

Jan 6 Friday


Jan 13 Friday

Friday the 13th

Jan 16 Monday

Blue Monday

Jan 16 Monday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 22 Sunday

Chinese New Year

Jan 26 Thursday

Australia Day

Feb 1 Wednesday

Black History Month

Feb 2 Thursday

Groundhog Day

Feb 9 Thursday

National Pizza Day

Feb 14 Tuesday

Valentine's Day

Feb 21 Tuesday

Carnival/Shrove Tuesday

Feb 21 Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

Feb 22 Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Feb 22 Wednesday

National Margarita Day

Mar 1 Wednesday

Women's History Month

Mar 7 Tuesday


Mar 8 Wednesday

International Women's Day

Mar 14 Tuesday

Pi Day

Mar 15 Wednesday

Ides of March

Mar 17 Friday

St. Patrick's Day

Mar 20 Monday

March Equinox

Mar 23 Thursday

Ramadan starts

Mar 25 Saturday

Feast of the Annunciation

Apr 1 Saturday

April Fool's Day

Apr 2 Sunday

Palm Sunday

Apr 6 Thursday

Maundy Thursday

Apr 7 Friday

Good Friday

Apr 7 Friday

National Beer Day

Apr 9 Sunday


Apr 10 Monday

Easter Monday

Apr 10 Monday

Siblings Day

Apr 18 Tuesday

Tax Day

Apr 22 Saturday

Earth Day

Apr 22 Saturday

Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Apr 28 Friday

Arbor Day

May 1 Monday

Labor Day / May Day

May 4 Thursday

National Day of Prayer

May 5 Friday

Cinco de Mayo

May 6 Saturday

Free Comic Book Day

May 14 Sunday

Mother's Day

May 20 Saturday

Armed Forces Day

May 28 Sunday

Pentecost / Whit Sunday

May 29 Monday

Memorial Day

Jun 2 Friday

National Donut Day

Jun 6 Tuesday


Jun 8 Thursday

Corpus Christi

Jun 14 Wednesday

Flag Day

Jun 18 Sunday

Father's Day

Jun 21 Wednesday

June Solstice

Jun 29 Thursday


Jul 1 Saturday

Canada Day

Jul 4 Tuesday

Independence Day

Jul 14 Friday

Bastille Day

Jul 16 Sunday

National Ice Cream Day

Jul 28 Friday


Aug 1 Tuesday

National Girlfriends Day

Aug 14 Monday

Victory Day

Aug 15 Tuesday

The Assumption of Mary

Aug 26 Saturday

National Dog Day

Sep 4 Monday

Labor Day

Sep 10 Sunday

National Grandparents Day

Sep 16 Saturday

Batman Day

Sep 16 Saturday

Rosh Hashana

Sep 17 Sunday

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Sep 23 Saturday


Sep 23 Saturday

September equinox

Sep 25 Monday

Yom Kippur

Sep 29 Friday

National Coffee Day

Sep 30 Saturday


Oct 3 Tuesday

National Boyfriend Day

Oct 9 Monday

Columbus Day

Oct 9 Monday

Leif Erikson Day

Oct 11 Wednesday

National Coming Out Day

Oct 13 Friday

Friday the 13th

Oct 21 Saturday

Sweetest Day

Oct 29 Sunday

National Cat Day

Oct 31 Tuesday


Nov 1 Wednesday

All Saints' Day

Nov 5 Sunday

Guy Fawkes Day

Nov 5 Sunday

National Doughnut Day

Nov 10 Friday

Marine Corps Birthday

Nov 11 Saturday

Veterans Day

Nov 12 Sunday


Nov 19 Sunday

International Men's Day

Nov 23 Thursday

Thanksgiving Day

Nov 24 Friday

Black Friday

Nov 25 Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Nov 27 Monday

Cyber Monday

Nov 28 Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Dec 3 Sunday

First Sunday of Advent

Dec 6 Wednesday

St. Nicholas' Day

Dec 8 Friday

Hanukkah Starts

Dec 21 Thursday

December Solstice

Dec 21 Thursday


Dec 24 Sunday

Christmas Eve

Dec 25 Monday


Dec 26 Tuesday

Boxing Day

Dec 26 Tuesday

Kwanzaa (first day)

Dec 31 Sunday

New Year's Eve