Date Name Topic
Jan 1 Saturday

Apple Gifting Day

Jan 1 Saturday

Commitment Day

Jan 1 Saturday

Global Family Day

Jan 1 Saturday

National Sunday Supper Month

Jan 6 Thursday

National Cuddle Up Day

Jan 6 Thursday

World Day For War Orphans

Jan 7 Friday

I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

Jan 9 Sunday

National Sunday Supper Day

Jan 9 Sunday

Play God Day

Jan 11 Tuesday

National Girl Hug Boy Day

Jan 11 Tuesday

Secret Pal Day

Jan 12 Wednesday

Kiss A Ginger Day

Jan 16 Sunday

National Good Teen Day

Jan 18 Tuesday

National Winnie The Pooh Day

Jan 19 Wednesday

Good Memory Day

Jan 20 Thursday

International Day Of Acceptance

Jan 21 Friday

National Hug Day

Jan 21 Friday

World Kiwanis Week

Jan 26 Wednesday

National Spouses Day

Jan 28 Friday

Global Community Engagement Day

Feb 1 Tuesday

Creative Romance Month

Feb 7 Monday

National Marriage Week

Feb 7 Monday

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Feb 11 Friday

National Make a Friend Day

Feb 13 Sunday

Get A Different Name Day

Feb 13 Sunday

Kiss Day

Feb 14 Monday

Children Of Alcoholics Week

Feb 14 Monday

Take Your Family To School Week

Feb 15 Tuesday

Singles Awareness Day

Feb 22 Tuesday

Be Humble Day

Mar 6 Sunday

World Orphan Week

Mar 17 Thursday

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Mar 20 Sunday

International Day of Happiness

Mar 20 Sunday

National Proposal Day

Mar 21 Monday

National Single Parents Day

Mar 30 Wednesday

National Little Red Wagon Day

Apr 2 Saturday

National Love Our Children Day

Apr 2 Saturday

National Reconciliation Day

Apr 6 Wednesday

Childhelp National Day of Hope

Apr 10 Sunday

Siblings Day

Apr 14 Thursday

National Ex Spouse Day

Apr 17 Sunday

National Ellis Island Family History Day

Apr 23 Saturday

Lover's Day

Apr 25 Monday

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Apr 26 Tuesday

National Kids and Pets Day

Apr 28 Thursday

National Teach Children to Save Day

Apr 30 Saturday

National Kiss of Hope Day

Apr 30 Saturday

National Military Brats Day

May 1 Sunday

National Infertility Survival Day

May 2 Monday

Baby Day

May 3 Tuesday

National Foster Care Day

May 6 Friday

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 6 Friday

National Provider Appreciation Day

May 7 Saturday

Join Hands Day

May 7 Saturday

National Babysitter’s Day

May 7 Saturday

National Birth Mother’s Day

May 9 Monday

National Sleepover Day

May 13 Friday

National Blame Someone Else Day

May 15 Sunday

International Day of Families

May 15 Sunday

Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

May 16 Monday

Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

May 18 Wednesday

National Visit Your Relatives Day

May 20 Friday

World Autoimmune / Autoinflammatory Arthritis Day

May 24 Tuesday

Brother’s Day

May 25 Wednesday

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day

Jun 1 Wednesday

Global Day of Parents

Jun 1 Wednesday

National Penpal Day

Jun 1 Wednesday

National Say Something Nice Day

Jun 2 Thursday

National Bubba Day

Jun 4 Saturday

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

Jun 4 Saturday

National SAFE Day

Jun 8 Wednesday

National Best Friends Day

Jun 11 Saturday

National Making Life Beautiful Day

Jun 12 Sunday

National Loving Day

Jun 12 Sunday

National Red Rose Day

Jun 15 Wednesday

National Smile Power Day

Jun 15 Wednesday

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Jun 16 Thursday

International Day of Family Remittances

Jun 23 Thursday

International Widows' Day

Jun 25 Saturday

Please Take my Children to Work Day

Jul 6 Wednesday

World Kissing Day

Jul 7 Thursday

National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

Jul 7 Thursday

Tell the Truth Day

Jul 11 Monday

National Cheer Up The Lonely Day

Jul 23 Saturday

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Jul 24 Sunday

National Cousins Day

Jul 26 Tuesday

Uncle and Aunt Day

Jul 27 Wednesday

National Love is Kind Day

Jul 30 Saturday

International Day of Friendship

Jul 30 Saturday

National Father-in-Law Day

Aug 1 Monday

National Girlfriends Day

Aug 1 Monday

Respect for Parents Day

Aug 2 Tuesday

National Night Out Day

Aug 7 Sunday

American Family Day

Aug 7 Sunday

National Friendship Day

Aug 7 Sunday

National Sisters Day

Aug 11 Thursday

National Son and Daughter Day

Aug 12 Friday

Middle Child Day

Aug 25 Thursday

National Kiss and Make Up Day

Aug 31 Wednesday

National Matchmaker Day

Sep 2 Friday

National Lazy Mom’s Day

Sep 8 Thursday

Pardon Day

Sep 9 Friday

Care Bears Share Your Care Day

Sep 13 Tuesday

National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

Sep 16 Friday

National Stepfamily Day

Sep 16 Friday

National Working Parents Day

Sep 17 Saturday

Boys’ and Girls’ Club Day for Kids

Sep 18 Sunday

Wife Appreciation Day

Sep 22 Thursday

National Girls’ Night In Day

Sep 23 Friday

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Sep 23 Friday

National BRAVE DAY

Sep 24 Saturday

National Family Health and Fitness Day USA

Sep 26 Monday

Love Note Day

Sep 28 Wednesday

National Good Neighbor Day

Sep 30 Friday

National Love People Day

Oct 3 Monday

National Boyfriend Day

Oct 6 Thursday

National Transfer Money To Your Daughter Day

Oct 7 Friday

Kids Music Day

Oct 7 Friday

National Body Language Day

Oct 7 Friday

National Forgiveness And Happiness Day

Oct 11 Tuesday

It's My Party Day

Oct 11 Tuesday

National Coming Out Day

Oct 12 Wednesday

National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

Oct 15 Saturday

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Oct 17 Monday

Forgive An Ex Day

Oct 18 Tuesday

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

Oct 19 Wednesday

Global Dignity Day

Oct 20 Thursday

Conflict Resolution Day

Oct 20 Thursday

Information Overload Day

Oct 23 Sunday

National Mother-in-Law Day

Oct 30 Sunday

Create A Great Funeral Day

Nov 1 Tuesday

National Family Literacy Day

Nov 3 Thursday

National Housewife’s Day

Nov 8 Tuesday

National Parents as Teachers Day

Nov 13 Sunday

Orphan Sunday

Nov 14 Monday

World Orphans Day

Nov 17 Thursday

National Unfriend Day

Nov 19 Saturday

International Men's Day

Nov 19 Saturday

National Adoption Day

Nov 20 Sunday

Universal Children's Day

Nov 21 Monday

World Hello Day

Nov 25 Friday

National Day of Listening

Nov 25 Friday

You’re Welcome Giving Day

Nov 29 Tuesday

Electronic Greetings Day

Dec 3 Saturday

Let’s Hug Day

Dec 3 Saturday

Make a Gift Day

Dec 9 Friday

Christmas Card Day

Dec 11 Sunday

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

Dec 21 Wednesday

Look On The Bright Side Day

Dec 21 Wednesday

National Short Girl Appreciation Day

Dec 22 Thursday

National Short Person Day

Dec 23 Friday

National Roots Day

Dec 28 Wednesday

National Call A Friend Day

Dec 30 Friday

Falling Needles Family Fest Day