Children’s Day

Children’s Day was established to honor and promote the welfare of the world’s children. Universally it is celebrated on November 20th, but many different countries around the world have their own day set aside for its observance. For instance, in Haiti it is celebrated on April 12th, while in Germany it is celebrated on September 20th. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of June.


On December 14, 1954 a universal day dedicated to children was instituted by United Nation’s Resolution 836 (IX) as an observance of the understanding and brotherhood among all the children of the world. It was also used to outline a solemn oath to children that the world would do whatever it took to protect, educate and secure their overall well-being.

Customs And Celebrations

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey-This celebration takes place on April 23 in Turkey is one of the biggest celebrations of its kind in the world. Children from around the world get to take place in the festivities which include parades and street performances.


Children’s day is a day of the year to commemorate our most valuable resource, our children, and ensure that they are given the tools they need to not only survive but also to thrive in our society.

Where is Children’s Day celebrated?

This year (2020):
Mexico (Apr 30) - Armenia (Jun 1) - South korea (May 5) - Vanuatu (Jul 24) - China (Jun 1) - Japan (May 5) - Laos (Jun 1) - Taiwan (Apr 4) - Cabo verde (Jun 1) - Nigeria (May 27) - Romania (Jun 1) Show all 11 locations
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Vanuatu (Jul 24) - Taiwan (Apr 4) - South korea (May 5) - Cabo verde (Jun 1) - Mexico (Apr 30) - Laos (Jun 1) - Nigeria (May 27) - China (Jun 1) - Armenia (Jun 1) - Romania (Jun 1) - Japan (May 5) Show all 11 locations