Thursday, January 19th 2017
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August Holidays 2016

Monday, August 1 Army Day China
Monday, August 1 First Monday in August Ireland
Tuesday, August 2 Feast of St. Rosalie (Palermo) Italy
Tuesday, August 2 New Moon Lunar
Wednesday, August 3 National Watermelon Day Weird
Sunday, August 7 Friendship Day India
Sunday, August 7 National Lighthouse Day Weird
Monday, August 8 Peace Festival Germany
Tuesday, August 9 The Night of Sevens China
Wednesday, August 10 First Quarter Lunar
Wednesday, August 10 National S'mores Day Weird
Thursday, August 11 President's Joke Day Weird
Saturday, August 13 International Lefthander's Day Weird
Sunday, August 14 Tisha B'av Jewish
Monday, August 15 Assumption of Mary Austria
Monday, August 15 Assumption Day Germany
Monday, August 15 National Relaxation Day Weird
Tuesday, August 16 Joke Day Weird
Wednesday, August 17 Ghost Festival China
Wednesday, August 17 National Thrift Shop Day Weird
Thursday, August 18 Full Moon Lunar
Thursday, August 18 Bad Poetry Day Weird
Friday, August 19 National Women's Day South Africa
Sunday, August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day Philippines
Monday, August 22 Be An Angel Day Weird
Wednesday, August 24 Vesuvius Day Weird
Thursday, August 25 Last Quarter Lunar
Thursday, August 25 Kiss and Make Up Day Weird
Friday, August 26 National Dog Day Weird
Saturday, August 27 Race Your Computer Mouse / Mice Day Weird
Monday, August 29 National Heroes' Day Philippines
Monday, August 29 Late Summer Bank Holiday UK
Monday, August 29 More Herbs Less Salt Day Weird
Tuesday, August 30 National Toasted Marshmallow Day Weird
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