Holiday dateHoliday Name
Mon, January 1 Independence Day
Mon, January 1 Liberation Day
Mon, January 1 New Year's Day
Mon, January 1 New Year's Day/Independence Day
Mon, January 1 Republic Day
Mon, January 1 Republic Day/New Year's Day
Mon, January 1 Restoration of the Czech Independence Day
Tue, January 2 2nd January (Hogmanay)
Tue, January 2 Berchtold Day
Tue, January 2 Carnival Day
Tue, January 2 Heroes’ Day/Ancestors’ Day
Tue, January 2 New Year Holiday Week
Tue, January 2 New Year's Day Holiday
Tue, January 2 Reconquest Day
Wed, January 3 New Year Holiday Week
Wed, January 3 New Year's Day Holiday
Wed, January 3 Revolution Day
Thu, January 4 Day of King Amador
Thu, January 4 Independence Day
Thu, January 4 Martyrs of Independence Day
Thu, January 4 New Year Holiday Week
Thu, January 4 New Year's Day Holiday
Fri, January 5 Armenian Christmas Eve
Fri, January 5 Guru Gobind Singh Birthday
Fri, January 5 New Year Holiday Week
Fri, January 5 Twelfth Night
Sat, January 6 Armenian Christmas Day
Sat, January 6 Army Day
Sat, January 6 Epiphany (The Three Wise Men Day)
Sat, January 6 Orthodox Christmas Eve
Sat, January 6 Twelfth Night
Sun, January 7 Baptism of the Jesus
Sun, January 7 Constitution Day
Sun, January 7 Coptic Christmas
Sun, January 7 Ethiopian Christmas Day
Sun, January 7 Orthodox Christmas
Sun, January 7 Pioneers Day
Sun, January 7 Victory over Genocide Day
Mon, January 8 Coming of Age Day
Mon, January 8 Epiphany
Mon, January 8 New Year Holiday Week
Mon, January 8 Orthodox Christmas Holiday
Tue, January 9 Day of the Republika Srpska
Tue, January 9 Martyrs' Day
Tue, January 9 Peace Agreement Day
Wed, January 10 Majority Rule Day
Wed, January 10 Margaret Thatcher Day
Wed, January 10 Vodoun Festival
Thu, January 11 Anniversary of the Independence Manifesto
Thu, January 11 Kosrae Constitution Day
Fri, January 12 Berber New Year
Fri, January 12 Geok Tepe Memorial Day
Fri, January 12 Lee-Jackson Day
Fri, January 12 Zanzibar Revolution Day
Sat, January 13 Constitution Day
Sat, January 13 Democracy Day
Sat, January 13 Liberation Day
Sat, January 13 Maghi - Lohri
Sat, January 13 National Children's Day
Sat, January 13 Stephen Foster Memorial Day
Sun, January 14 Defenders of the Motherland Day
Sun, January 14 Makar Sankranti
Sun, January 14 Orthodox New Year
Sun, January 14 Revolution and Youth Day
Mon, January 15 Civil Rights Day
Mon, January 15 Idaho Human Rights Day
Mon, January 15 John Chilembwe Day
Mon, January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Mon, January 15 Robert E. Lee's Birthday
Mon, January 15 Thai Pongal
Tue, January 16 Anniversary of President Laurent Kabila’s Assassination
Tue, January 16 Signing of the Peace Accords
Tue, January 16 Teachers' Day
Wed, January 17 Anniversary of Prime Minister Patrice Emery Lumumba’s Assassination
Fri, January 19 Confederate Heroes' Day
Fri, January 19 Orthodox Epiphany
Fri, January 19 Robert E. Lee's Birthday
Sat, January 20 Heroes' Day
Sat, January 20 Martyrs’ Day
Sun, January 21 Errol Barrow Day
Sun, January 21 Our Lady of Altagracia
Sun, January 21 Princess Ingrid Alexandra's day
Mon, January 22 Franco-German Day
Mon, January 22 National Heroes Day
Mon, January 22 Plurinational State Foundation Day
Mon, January 22 Ukrainian Unity Day
Mon, January 22 Wellington Anniversary Day
Wed, January 24 Birthday of Imam Ali
Wed, January 24 Unification Day
Thu, January 25 Betico Croes' Birthday
Thu, January 25 Burns Night
Thu, January 25 Mahayana New Year
Thu, January 25 Revolution Day (January 25)
Thu, January 25 Tatiana Day
Thu, January 25 Thaipoosam Cavadee
Thu, January 25 Thaipusam
Thu, January 25 Tu B'Shevat (Arbor Day)
Fri, January 26 Australia Day
Fri, January 26 Liberation Day
Fri, January 26 Republic Day
Sat, January 27 Defender of the Fatherland Day
Sat, January 27 Remembrance Day for the Victims of National Socialism
Sat, January 27 Saint Dévote's Day
Sat, January 27 Spirituality Day/St Sava's Day
Sat, January 27 St Sava's Day
Sun, January 28 Army Day
Sun, January 28 José Martí´s Birthday Memorial
Mon, January 29 Auckland Anniversary Day
Mon, January 29 Duarte´s Day
Mon, January 29 Kansas Day
Mon, January 29 Nelson Anniversary Day
Mon, January 29 Northland Anniversary Day
Mon, January 29 St. Valero's Feast
Tue, January 30 The Three Holy Hierarchs
Wed, January 31 Independence Day
Thu, February 1 Abolition of Slavery
Thu, February 1 Black History Month
Thu, February 1 Day of Remembrance and Respect to Victims of the Communist Regime
Thu, February 1 National Freedom Day
Thu, February 1 National Heroes' Day
Fri, February 2 Candlemas
Fri, February 2 Feast of Candelaria
Fri, February 2 Groundhog Day
Fri, February 2 National Wear Red Day
Sat, February 3 Commemoration of the Batepá Massacre
Sat, February 3 Mozambican Heroes Day
Sat, February 3 Our Lady of Suyapa
Sun, February 4 Farmer's Day
Sun, February 4 Liberation Movement Day
Sun, February 4 National Day
Sun, February 4 Rosa Parks Day
Mon, February 5 Day off for Constitution Day
Mon, February 5 Day off for Liberation Movement Day
Mon, February 5 Feast of St Agatha
Mon, February 5 Kashmir Day
Mon, February 5 Unity Day
Tue, February 6 Isra and Mi'raj
Tue, February 6 The Saami people's day
Tue, February 6 Waitangi Day
Wed, February 7 Independence Day
Wed, February 7 Isra and Mi'raj
Thu, February 8 Feast of Saint Vartan
Thu, February 8 Prešeren Day
Fri, February 9 Seollal Holiday
Fri, February 9 Spring Festival Eve
Fri, February 9 St Maron's Day
Fri, February 9 Vietnamese New Year's Eve
Sat, February 10 Carnival
Sat, February 10 Carnival Saturday
Sat, February 10 Chinese (Lunar) New Year
Sat, February 10 Feast of Saint Paul's Shipwreck
Sat, February 10 Seollal
Sat, February 10 Vietnamese New Year
Sun, February 11 Anniversary of the foundation of Vatican City
Sun, February 11 Armed Forces Day
Sun, February 11 Carnival
Sun, February 11 Carnival Sunday
Sun, February 11 Chinese (Lunar) New Year holiday
Sun, February 11 Mother's Day
Sun, February 11 National Foundation Day
Sun, February 11 Revolution Day
Sun, February 11 Seollal Holiday
Sun, February 11 Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Sun, February 11 Tet holiday
Sun, February 11 Youth Day
Mon, February 12 Carnival
Mon, February 12 Carnival Monday
Mon, February 12 Chinese (Lunar) New Year holiday
Mon, February 12 Lincoln's Birthday
Mon, February 12 National Foundation Day observed
Mon, February 12 Royal Hobart Regatta
Mon, February 12 Shrove Monday
Mon, February 12 Tet holiday
Mon, February 12 Union Day
Tue, February 13 Carnival
Tue, February 13 Carnival / Fat Tuesday
Tue, February 13 Carnival Tuesday
Tue, February 13 Chinese (Lunar) New Year holiday
Tue, February 13 Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras
Tue, February 13 National Sports Day
Tue, February 13 Tet holiday
Wed, February 14 Ash Wednesday
Wed, February 14 Carnival end (until 2pm)
Wed, February 14 Carnival/Ash Wednesday
Wed, February 14 Chinese (Lunar) New Year holiday
Wed, February 14 St. Valentine's Day
Wed, February 14 Statehood Day in Arizona
Wed, February 14 Tet holiday
Wed, February 14 Valentine's Day
Thu, February 15 Day of Ashakalia
Thu, February 15 National Flag of Canada Day
Thu, February 15 Parinirvana Day
Thu, February 15 Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia
Thu, February 15 Susan B. Anthony's Birthday
Thu, February 15 Total Defense Day
Fri, February 16 Birth date of Kim Jong Il
Fri, February 16 Elizabeth Peratrovich Day
Fri, February 16 Remembrance of Archbishop Janani Luwum
Fri, February 16 Restoration of the State
Fri, February 16 Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia (Day 2)
Sat, February 17 Independence Day of the Republic of Kosovo
Sat, February 17 Libyan Revolution Day
Sat, February 17 Special working day (compensation for Carnival Monday)
Sun, February 18 Independence Day
Mon, February 19 Constantin Brancusi Day
Mon, February 19 Daisy Gatson Bates Day
Mon, February 19 Independence Day of the Republic of Kosovo observed
Mon, February 19 Islander Day
Mon, February 19 Louis Riel Day
Mon, February 19 Nova Scotia Heritage Day
Mon, February 19 Presidents' Day
Mon, February 19 Shivaji Jayanti
Mon, February 19 State Flag of Turkmenistan Day
Wed, February 21 Father Lini Day
Wed, February 21 King Harald V's day
Wed, February 21 Language Martyrs' Day
Wed, February 21 Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day
Thu, February 22 Independence Day
Fri, February 23 Defender of the Fatherland Day
Fri, February 23 Emperor's Birthday
Fri, February 23 Mashramani (Republic Day)
Fri, February 23 National Day
Fri, February 23 Yukon Heritage Day
Sat, February 24 Dragobete
Sat, February 24 Flag Day
Sat, February 24 Independence Day
Sat, February 24 Lailat al Bara'ah
Sat, February 24 Lantern Festival
Sat, February 24 Magha Puja Day
Sat, February 24 National Day observed
Sat, February 24 Special working day (compensation for Carnival Tuesday)
Sat, February 24 Tourism Day
Sun, February 25 Choiseul Province Day
Sun, February 25 Imam Mahdi's birthday
Sun, February 25 National Day
Sun, February 25 People Power Anniversary
Sun, February 25 Revolution Day
Mon, February 26 Liberation Day
Tue, February 27 Independence Day
Tue, February 27 Special Operations Forces Day
Wed, February 28 228 Memorial Day
Wed, February 28 Day of Andalucía
Wed, February 28 Linus Pauling Day
Fri, March 1 Baba Marta
Fri, March 1 Day of the Balearic Islands
Fri, March 1 Employee Appreciation Day
Fri, March 1 Heroes' Day
Fri, March 1 Independence Day
Fri, March 1 Independence Movement Day
Fri, March 1 Martisor
Fri, March 1 Patriots' Day
Fri, March 1 Read Across America Day
Fri, March 1 Remembrance Day
Fri, March 1 St. David's Day
Fri, March 1 Yap Day
Sat, March 2 Adwa Victory Day
Sat, March 2 James Ronald Webster Day
Sat, March 2 National Flag Day
Sat, March 2 Peasants' Day
Sat, March 2 Texas Independence Day
Sun, March 3 Dolls' Festival/Girls' Festival
Sun, March 3 Liberation Day
Sun, March 3 March bank holiday
Sun, March 3 Martyrs' Day
Sun, March 3 Mothers' Day
Mon, March 4 Casimir Pulaski Day
Mon, March 4 Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day
Mon, March 4 Labor Day
Mon, March 4 Liberation Day observed
Tue, March 5 Arrival of the first Missionaries
Tue, March 5 Custom Chief's Day
Tue, March 5 Fifth of March
Tue, March 5 Town Meeting Day
Wed, March 6 Day of Memorial and Respect for Veterans
Wed, March 6 Independence Day
Thu, March 7 Lavity Stoutt's Birthday
Thu, March 7 Teachers' Day
Fri, March 8 International Women's Day
Fri, March 8 Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri
Fri, March 8 Mother's Day
Fri, March 8 Nari Dibas
Fri, March 8 Revolution Day
Sat, March 9 Teachers' Day
Sun, March 10 Mother's Day
Sun, March 10 Mothering Sunday
Mon, March 11 Adelaide Cup
Mon, March 11 Canberra Day
Mon, March 11 Commonwealth Day
Mon, March 11 Day off for National Heroes and Benefactors Day
Mon, March 11 Earth God's Birthday
Mon, March 11 Eight Hours Day
Mon, March 11 Independence Restoration Day
Mon, March 11 Labor Day
Mon, March 11 Moshoeshoe's Birthday
Mon, March 11 Ramadan Begins
Mon, March 11 Taranaki Anniversary Day
Mon, March 11 Zhonghe Festival
Tue, March 12 Arbor Day
Tue, March 12 Commonwealth Day
Tue, March 12 National Day
Tue, March 12 Youth Day
Wed, March 13 Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis
Wed, March 13 Decoration Day
Thu, March 14 Constitution Day
Thu, March 14 National Heroes Day
Thu, March 14 Summer Day
Fri, March 15 1848 Revolution Memorial Day
Fri, March 15 Constitution Day
Fri, March 15 J. J. Roberts Birthday
Fri, March 15 Youth Day
Sun, March 17 Evacuation Day
Sun, March 17 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday
Sun, March 17 St. Patrick's Day
Mon, March 18 Cheikh Al Maarouf Day
Mon, March 18 Clean Monday
Mon, March 18 Day off for Benito Juárez's Birthday Memorial
Mon, March 18 Day off for St Patrick's Day
Mon, March 18 Evacuation Day observed
Mon, March 18 National Anthem and Flag Day
Mon, March 18 Oil Expropriation Day
Mon, March 18 Soldiers' Day
Mon, March 18 St. Patrick's Day
Mon, March 18 St. Patrick's Day observed
Tue, March 19 Father's Day
Tue, March 19 March Equinox
Tue, March 19 St. Joseph's Day
Wed, March 20 Independence Day
Wed, March 20 International Francophonie Day
Wed, March 20 March Equinox
Wed, March 20 Nowruz
Wed, March 20 Spring Equinox
Thu, March 21 Harmony Day
Thu, March 21 Human Rights Day
Thu, March 21 Independence Day
Thu, March 21 Mother's Day
Thu, March 21 National Close the Gap Day
Thu, March 21 Nowruz
Thu, March 21 Nowruz Holiday
Thu, March 21 Ta'anit Esther (Fast of Esther)
Fri, March 22 Emancipation Day
Fri, March 22 Nowruz
Fri, March 22 Nowruz Holiday
Sat, March 23 Day Of The Sea
Sat, March 23 Erev Purim
Sat, March 23 Nowruz Holiday
Sat, March 23 Pakistan Day
Sat, March 23 Southern Africa Liberation Day
Sun, March 24 Commonwealth Covenant Day
Sun, March 24 Holika Dahan
Sun, March 24 Memorial Day
Sun, March 24 Palm Sunday
Sun, March 24 Purim
Sun, March 24 Purim (Tel Aviv)
Mon, March 25 Anniversary of the Arengo
Mon, March 25 Annunciation of the Lord
Mon, March 25 Feast of the Annunciation
Mon, March 25 Greek Independence Day
Mon, March 25 Independence Day
Mon, March 25 Maryland Day
Mon, March 25 Mother’s Day
Mon, March 25 Nowruz Holiday
Mon, March 25 Otago Anniversary Day
Mon, March 25 Seward's Day
Mon, March 25 Shushan Purim (Jerusalem)
Mon, March 25 St. Joseph's Day
Mon, March 25 Struggle for Human Rights Day
Tue, March 26 Martyrs' Day
Tue, March 26 National Day of Life, Peace and Justice
Tue, March 26 Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day
Wed, March 27 Armed Forces' Day
Thu, March 28 Kuan Yin's Birthday
Thu, March 28 Maundy Thursday
Fri, March 29 Commemoration of Boganda
Fri, March 29 Good Friday
Fri, March 29 Martyrs' Day
Fri, March 29 National Vietnam War Veterans Day
Fri, March 29 Youth Day
Sat, March 30 Holy Saturday
Sat, March 30 Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day
Sun, March 31 César Chávez Day
Sun, March 31 Easter
Sun, March 31 Freedom Day
Sun, March 31 Martyrdom of Imam Ali
Sun, March 31 Micronesia Culture Day (Chuuk & Pohnpei)
Sun, March 31 Transfer Day
Mon, April 1 César Chávez Day observed
Mon, April 1 Dyngus day
Mon, April 1 Easter Monday
Mon, April 1 Family Day
Mon, April 1 Investiture of the Captains Regent
Mon, April 1 National Day
Tue, April 2 Day of the Veterans
Tue, April 2 Easter Tuesday
Tue, April 2 Pascua Florida Day
Tue, April 2 Southland Anniversary Day
Tue, April 2 Union Day of Belarus and Russia
Thu, April 4 Children's Day
Thu, April 4 Independence Day
Thu, April 4 Peace Day
Thu, April 4 Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Jie)
Fri, April 5 Arbor Day
Fri, April 5 Laylat al-Qadr
Fri, April 5 Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power)
Fri, April 5 Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Jie)
Sat, April 6 Chakri Day
Sat, April 6 National Tartan Day
Sat, April 6 President Ntaryamira Day
Sun, April 7 A Drop of Water - A grain of Gold
Sun, April 7 Health Day
Sun, April 7 Karume Day
Sun, April 7 Motherhood and Beauty Day
Sun, April 7 Mozambican Woman's Day
Sun, April 7 Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day
Mon, April 8 International Romani Day
Tue, April 9 Constitution Day of the Republic of Kosovo
Tue, April 9 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
Tue, April 9 Independence Restoration Day
Tue, April 9 Martyrs' Day
Tue, April 9 The Day of Valor
Tue, April 9 Ugadi
Tue, April 9 Vimy Ridge Day
Wed, April 10 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
Wed, April 10 Hari Raya Puasa
Thu, April 11 Battle of Rivas
Thu, April 11 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) Holiday
Fri, April 12 Children´s Day
Fri, April 12 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) Holiday
Sat, April 13 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) Holiday
Sat, April 13 Songkran
Sat, April 13 Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
Sat, April 13 Unfairly Prosecuted Persons Day
Sat, April 13 Vaisakhi
Sun, April 14 Ambedkar Jayanti
Sun, April 14 America Day
Sun, April 14 Songkran
Sun, April 14 Tamil New Year
Sun, April 14 Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / Vishu
Mon, April 15 Birth Date of Kim Il Sung
Mon, April 15 Father Damien Day
Mon, April 15 Patriot's Day
Mon, April 15 Queen's Birthday
Mon, April 15 Sechseläuten
Mon, April 15 Songkran
Mon, April 15 Tax Day
Tue, April 16 Emancipation Day
Tue, April 16 Songkran observed
Wed, April 17 Flag Day
Wed, April 17 Independence Day
Wed, April 17 Ramanavami
Wed, April 17 Women's Rights Day
Thu, April 18 Birthday of Guru Angad Dev
Thu, April 18 Hung Kings Festival
Thu, April 18 Independence Day
Fri, April 19 Birthday of King Mswati III
Fri, April 19 Declaration of Independence
Fri, April 19 Fast and Prayer Day
Sat, April 20 420 Day
Sun, April 21 Mahavir Jayanti
Sun, April 21 Queen's Birthday
Sun, April 21 San Jacinto Day
Sun, April 21 Tiradentes Day
Mon, April 22 Confederate Memorial Day
Mon, April 22 Landing of the 33 orientals
Mon, April 22 National Holocaust, World War II Genocide and other Fascist Crimes Victims Remembrance Day
Mon, April 22 Oklahoma Day
Mon, April 22 Passover Eve
Mon, April 22 Queen's Birthday observed
Mon, April 22 St. George's Day
Mon, April 22 Stephen Lawrence Day
Tue, April 23 Castile and León Day
Tue, April 23 Day of Aragón
Tue, April 23 Day of Turks
Tue, April 23 German Beer Day
Tue, April 23 God of Medicine's Birthday
Tue, April 23 Hanuman Jayanti
Tue, April 23 Language Day
Tue, April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day
Tue, April 23 Passover (First Day)
Tue, April 23 St. George's Day
Wed, April 24 Action Day for Tolerance and Respect between People
Wed, April 24 Administrative Professionals Day
Wed, April 24 Concord Day
Wed, April 24 Genocide Remembrance Day
Wed, April 24 Passover (2nd Day)
Wed, April 24 Theravada New Year
Thu, April 25 ANZAC Day
Thu, April 25 Chosun People's Army Foundation Day
Thu, April 25 First Day of Summer
Thu, April 25 Girls' Day - Career Information Day
Thu, April 25 Liberation Day
Thu, April 25 Liberty Day
Thu, April 25 National Flag Day
Thu, April 25 Passover (3rd Day)
Thu, April 25 Sinai Liberation Day
Thu, April 25 The Feast of St Mark
Fri, April 26 Arbor Day
Fri, April 26 Confederate Heroes' Day
Fri, April 26 Day of Remembrance of the Chernobyl Tragedy
Fri, April 26 Great Prayer Day
Fri, April 26 Intellectual Property Day
Fri, April 26 Passover (4th Day)
Fri, April 26 Secretaries' Day
Fri, April 26 Union Day
Sat, April 27 Children´s Day
Sat, April 27 Day of Uprising Against Occupation
Sat, April 27 Freedom Day
Sat, April 27 Independence Day
Sat, April 27 King's Day
Sat, April 27 Passover (5th Day)
Sat, April 27 State Flag Day
Sun, April 28 Afghan Victory Day
Sun, April 28 National Heroes Day
Sun, April 28 Passover (6th Day)
Sun, April 28 St. Pierre Chanel Day
Sun, April 28 Turkmen Racing Horse Festival
Sun, April 28 Workers' Memorial Day
Mon, April 29 Confederate Memorial Day
Mon, April 29 Day of Trees
Mon, April 29 Passover (7th Day)
Mon, April 29 Passover (Last Day)
Mon, April 29 Shōwa Day
Tue, April 30 Carnival Day
Tue, April 30 Children's Day
Tue, April 30 Education Day
Tue, April 30 Liberation Day/Reunification Day
Tue, April 30 Passover (Last Day in Diaspora)
Tue, April 30 St. James the Great Day
Tue, April 30 Walpurgis Night
Wed, May 1 Agriculture and Labor Day
Wed, May 1 Constituent Assembly Convocation Day
Wed, May 1 Constitution Day
Wed, May 1 Feast of St Joseph the Worker
Wed, May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day
Wed, May 1 Labor Day
Wed, May 1 Labor Day / May Day
Wed, May 1 Law Day
Wed, May 1 Lei Day
Wed, May 1 Loyalty Day
Wed, May 1 Maharashtra Day
Wed, May 1 Matsu's Birthday
Wed, May 1 May 1st
Wed, May 1 May Day
Wed, May 1 Spring and Labor Day
Wed, May 1 Unity Day
Wed, May 1 Workers' Day
Thu, May 2 Day of Madrid
Thu, May 2 Day of the Flag
Thu, May 2 Labor Day (2nd Day)
Thu, May 2 Labor Day / May Day (2nd Day)
Thu, May 2 Labor Day observed
Thu, May 2 National Day of Prayer
Thu, May 2 Spring and Labor Day Holiday
Fri, May 3 Constitution Day
Fri, May 3 Constitution Memorial Day
Fri, May 3 Coptic Good Friday
Fri, May 3 Cross Day
Fri, May 3 Ethiopian Good Friday
Fri, May 3 Orthodox Good Friday
Fri, May 3 Spring and Labor Day Holiday
Sat, May 4 Anniversary of the Decease of M. R. ŝtefánika
Sat, May 4 Cassinga Day
Sat, May 4 Coptic Holy Saturday
Sat, May 4 Coronation Day
Sat, May 4 Greenery Day
Sat, May 4 Independence Restoration Day
Sat, May 4 Kent State Shootings Remembrance
Sat, May 4 Literary Day
Sat, May 4 Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq
Sat, May 4 National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day
Sat, May 4 Orthodox Holy Saturday
Sat, May 4 Remembrance Day
Sat, May 4 Rhode Island Independence Day
Sat, May 4 Saint Florian's Day
Sat, May 4 Youth Day
Sun, May 5 Arrival Day
Sun, May 5 Children's Day
Sun, May 5 Cinco de Mayo
Sun, May 5 Constitution Day of the Kyrgyz Republic
Sun, May 5 Coptic Easter
Sun, May 5 Ethiopian Easter
Sun, May 5 Freedom Day
Sun, May 5 Liberation Day
Sun, May 5 Mother's Day
Sun, May 5 Orthodox Easter
Sun, May 5 Senior Citizens Day
Mon, May 6 Children's Day observed
Mon, May 6 Coronation Day
Mon, May 6 Day of Gorans
Mon, May 6 Early May Bank Holiday
Mon, May 6 Labor Day
Mon, May 6 Labor Day / May Day
Mon, May 6 Martyrs' Day
Mon, May 6 May Day
Mon, May 6 National Nurses Day
Mon, May 6 Orthodox Easter Monday
Mon, May 6 Spring Festival
Mon, May 6 St. George's Day
Mon, May 6 Yom HaShoah
Tue, May 7 Defender of the Fatherland Day
Tue, May 7 Orthodox Easter Tuesday (banks only)
Tue, May 7 Soldiers' Day
Wed, May 8 Day of liberation
Wed, May 8 Parents' Day
Wed, May 8 Truman Day
Wed, May 8 Victory Day
Thu, May 9 Ascension Day
Thu, May 9 Europe Day
Thu, May 9 Father's Day
Thu, May 9 Liberation Day
Thu, May 9 Remembrance Day
Thu, May 9 Victory Day
Fri, May 10 Akshaya Tritiya
Fri, May 10 Confederate Memorial Day
Fri, May 10 Constitution Day
Fri, May 10 Military Spouse Appreciation Day
Fri, May 10 Monarchy Day
Fri, May 10 Mother's Day
Sun, May 12 Day of the National Emblem and Flag of Belarus
Sun, May 12 Father's Day
Sun, May 12 Mother's Day
Sun, May 12 St. Andrew's Day
Mon, May 13 Ascension Day
Mon, May 13 Gospel Day
Mon, May 13 Mother's Day
Mon, May 13 Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day)
Tue, May 14 Independence Day
Tue, May 14 Kamuzu Day
Tue, May 14 National Unification Day
Tue, May 14 Primary Election Day
Tue, May 14 Yom Ha'atzmaut
Wed, May 15 Buddha's Birthday
Wed, May 15 Family Day
Wed, May 15 Feast Day of St Isidore
Wed, May 15 Independence Day Holiday
Wed, May 15 Peace Officers Memorial Day
Wed, May 15 Teachers' Day
Thu, May 16 SPLA Day
Fri, May 17 17 May Constitution Day (1814)
Fri, May 17 Constitution Day
Fri, May 17 Galicia Literature Day
Fri, May 17 Liberation Day
Fri, May 17 National Defense Transportation Day
Sat, May 18 Armed Forces Day
Sat, May 18 Battle of Las Piedras
Sat, May 18 Day of Revival, Unity, and the Poetry of Magtymguly
Sat, May 18 Europe Day
Sat, May 18 Flag Day/University Day
Sat, May 18 Pentecost Eve
Sun, May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day
Sun, May 19 Pentecost / Whit Sunday
Mon, May 20 Day of Remembrance
Mon, May 20 Discovery Day
Mon, May 20 National Day
Mon, May 20 National Patriots' Day
Mon, May 20 Restoration of Independence Day
Mon, May 20 Victoria Day
Mon, May 20 Whit Monday
Tue, May 21 Independence Day
Tue, May 21 Navy Day
Tue, May 21 Saint Helena's Day
Wed, May 22 Emergency Medical Services for Children Day
Wed, May 22 Harvey Milk Day
Wed, May 22 Independence Day (2nd Day)
Wed, May 22 National Maritime Day
Wed, May 22 Unity Day
Thu, May 23 Buddha Purnima
Thu, May 23 Buddha Purnima/Vesak
Thu, May 23 Constitution Day
Thu, May 23 Labor Day / May Day
Thu, May 23 Vesak Full Moon Poya Day
Thu, May 23 Vlach’s National Day (for Vlach community)
Thu, May 23 Wesak - Buddha Day
Fri, May 24 Commonwealth Day
Fri, May 24 Culture and Literacy Day
Fri, May 24 Independence Day
Fri, May 24 Saints Cyril and Methodius' Day
Fri, May 24 The Battle of Pichincha
Sat, May 25 Africa Day
Sat, May 25 Independence Day
Sat, May 25 Liberation and Resistance Day
Sat, May 25 National Day/May 1810 Revolution
Sat, May 25 National Missing Children's Day
Sun, May 26 Carpet Day
Sun, May 26 Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day
Sun, May 26 Dniester Day
Sun, May 26 Independence Day
Sun, May 26 Kiev Day
Sun, May 26 Lag B'Omer
Sun, May 26 Mother's Day
Sun, May 26 National Sorry Day
Sun, May 26 Trinity
Sun, May 26 Trinity Sunday
Mon, May 27 Africa Day
Mon, May 27 Children's Day
Mon, May 27 Day off for Commonwealth Day
Mon, May 27 Jefferson Davis' Birthday
Mon, May 27 Late May Bank Holiday
Mon, May 27 Memorial Day
Mon, May 27 Mother's Day
Mon, May 27 Reconciliation Day
Mon, May 27 Spring Bank Holiday
Tue, May 28 Derg Downfall Day
Tue, May 28 Republic Day
Thu, May 30 Anguilla Day
Thu, May 30 Corpus Christi
Thu, May 30 Day of the Canary Islands
Thu, May 30 Indian Arrival Day
Thu, May 30 Mother's Day
Thu, May 30 Statehood Day
Fri, May 31 Bermuda Day
Fri, May 31 Day of Castile-La Mancha
Fri, May 31 National Heroes Day
Fri, May 31 Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day
Sat, June 1 Children's Day
Sat, June 1 Children's Day
Sat, June 1 Independence Day
Sat, June 1 Madaraka Day
Sat, June 1 President's Day
Sat, June 1 Statehood Day
Sat, June 1 The Yang di-Pertuan Agong's Birthday
Sun, June 2 Father's Day
Sun, June 2 Fathers' Day
Sun, June 2 Isabel Province Day
Sun, June 2 Republic Day
Mon, June 3 Corpus Christi
Mon, June 3 European Bicycle Day
Mon, June 3 Jefferson Davis' Birthday
Mon, June 3 June Bank Holiday
Mon, June 3 Martyr's Day
Mon, June 3 Opium Suppression Movement Day
Mon, June 3 Queen's Birthday
Mon, June 3 Western Australia Day
Tue, June 4 Emancipation Day
Wed, June 5 Constitution Day
Wed, June 5 President´s Day
Wed, June 5 World Environment Day
Wed, June 5 Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day)
Thu, June 6 Chosun Children's Union Foundation Day
Thu, June 6 D-Day
Thu, June 6 Memorial Day
Thu, June 6 National day
Thu, June 6 Queensland Day
Thu, June 6 Savitri Puja
Thu, June 6 Visually Impaired People Day
Fri, June 7 Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation
Fri, June 7 Dissolution of union with Sweden (1905)
Fri, June 7 Flag Day
Fri, June 7 Randol Fawkes Labour Day
Fri, June 7 Sette Giugno
Fri, June 7 T. T. Bank Holiday
Sat, June 8 Queen's Birthday
Sat, June 8 Sovereign's Birthday
Sat, June 8 Temotu Province Day
Sun, June 9 Day of La Rioja
Sun, June 9 Day of Murcia
Sun, June 9 National Heroes Day
Mon, June 10 Abolition Day
Mon, June 10 Dragon Boat Festival
Mon, June 10 Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib
Mon, June 10 Portugal Day
Mon, June 10 Queen's Birthday
Mon, June 10 Reconciliation Day
Mon, June 10 Sacred Heart
Mon, June 10 Sovereign's Birthday
Tue, June 11 Erev Shavuot
Tue, June 11 Kamehameha Day
Wed, June 12 Brazilian Valentine's Day
Wed, June 12 Chaco Armistice
Wed, June 12 Democracy Day
Wed, June 12 Independence Day
Wed, June 12 Peace Day
Wed, June 12 Russia Day
Wed, June 12 Shavuot
Thu, June 13 Orthodox Ascension Day
Thu, June 13 San Antonio
Fri, June 14 Army Birthday
Fri, June 14 Flag Day
Fri, June 14 Freedom Day
Fri, June 14 Liberation Day
Sun, June 16 Day of Arafat
Sun, June 16 Father's Day
Sun, June 16 Galla Bayramy (Wheat Harvest Festival)
Sun, June 16 Sacrifice Feast Eve
Sun, June 16 Youth Day
Mon, June 17 Bunker Hill Day
Mon, June 17 Commemoration of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemes
Mon, June 17 Eid al-Adha
Mon, June 17 Father's Day
Mon, June 17 Icelandic Republic Day
Mon, June 17 National Heroes Day
Mon, June 17 Queen's Birthday
Mon, June 17 Tabaski
Mon, June 17 Youth Day observed
Tue, June 18 Constitution Day
Tue, June 18 Eid al-Adha holiday
Tue, June 18 King's Mother's Birthday
Wed, June 19 Eid al-Adha holiday
Wed, June 19 Emancipation Day
Wed, June 19 José Artigas´ Birthday Memorial
Wed, June 19 Juneteenth
Thu, June 20 American Eagle Day
Thu, June 20 Eid al-Adha holiday
Thu, June 20 Flag Day
Thu, June 20 June Solstice
Thu, June 20 Labor Day
Thu, June 20 Martyrs' Day
Thu, June 20 West Virginia Day
Fri, June 21 Aymara New Year Day
Fri, June 21 Day of the Martyrs
Fri, June 21 Eid al-Adha holiday
Fri, June 21 Father's Day
Fri, June 21 June Solstice
Fri, June 21 Midsummer Eve
Fri, June 21 Music Festival
Fri, June 21 National Day
Fri, June 21 National Indigenous Peoples Day
Sat, June 22 Aymara New Year Day holiday
Sat, June 22 Day of Antifascist Struggle
Sat, June 22 Midsummer Day
Sat, June 22 Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War
Sat, June 22 Teachers' Day
Sat, June 22 Windrush Day
Sun, June 23 Father's Day
Sun, June 23 Midsummer Eve
Sun, June 23 National Day
Sun, June 23 Orthodox Pentecost
Sun, June 23 Statehood Day
Sun, June 23 Victory Day
Mon, June 24 Carabobo Battle
Mon, June 24 Discovery Day
Mon, June 24 Farmer Day
Mon, June 24 Holy Spirit Monday
Mon, June 24 Inti Raymi Day
Mon, June 24 Midsummer Day
Mon, June 24 Orthodox Pentecost holiday
Mon, June 24 Orthodox Pentecost Monday
Mon, June 24 St. John's Day
Tue, June 25 Eid-e-Ghadir
Tue, June 25 Independence Day
Tue, June 25 Statehood Day
Wed, June 26 Flag Day
Wed, June 26 Independence Day
Wed, June 26 Independence of British Somaliland
Wed, June 26 National Sports Day
Thu, June 27 Day of National Unity
Thu, June 27 Day of Turkmen Workers of Culture and Art
Thu, June 27 Independence Day
Fri, June 28 Constitution Day
Fri, June 28 St Vitus Day
Fri, June 28 Vietnamese Family Day
Sat, June 29 Architecture Day
Sat, June 29 Central Province Day
Sat, June 29 Internal Autonomy Day
Sat, June 29 National Day
Sat, June 29 Saints Peter and Paul
Sun, June 30 Army Day
Sun, June 30 Father's Day
Sun, June 30 Independence Day
Sun, June 30 June 30 Revolution
Sun, June 30 National Prayer Day
Sun, June 30 Revolution Day
Mon, July 1 Canada Day
Mon, July 1 CARICOM Day
Mon, July 1 Carnival Monday
Mon, July 1 Constitution Day
Mon, July 1 CPC Founding Day
Mon, July 1 Emancipation Day
Mon, July 1 Freedom Day
Mon, July 1 Heroes Day
Mon, July 1 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
Mon, July 1 Independence Day
Mon, July 1 Memorial Day
Mon, July 1 Mother's Day
Mon, July 1 Republic Day
Mon, July 1 Saints Peter and Paul
Mon, July 1 Singapore Armed Forces Day
Mon, July 1 Sir Seretse Khama Day
Mon, July 1 Virgin Islands Day
Tue, July 2 Carnival Tuesday
Tue, July 2 Flag Day
Tue, July 2 Unity Day
Wed, July 3 Emancipation Day
Wed, July 3 Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus
Thu, July 4 Birthday of His Majesty King Tupou VI
Thu, July 4 Independence Day
Thu, July 4 Liberation Day
Thu, July 4 Queen Sonja's day
Fri, July 5 Constitution Day
Fri, July 5 Fishermen's Holiday
Fri, July 5 Foreign Slovaks Day
Fri, July 5 Independence Day
Fri, July 5 Saints Cyril and Methodius
Fri, July 5 St. Cyril & St. Methodius Day
Fri, July 5 Tynwald Day
Sat, July 6 Day of the Capital
Sat, July 6 Independence Day
Sat, July 6 Jan Hus Day
Sat, July 6 King Mindaugas’ Coronation Day
Sat, July 6 Kupala Night
Sat, July 6 Kupalle (Day 1)
Sat, July 6 National Day
Sun, July 7 First Day of NAIDOC Week
Sun, July 7 George Town World Heritage City Day
Sun, July 7 Kupalle (Day 2)
Sun, July 7 Mexican General Election Day
Sun, July 7 Puri Rath Yatra
Sun, July 7 Rath Yatra
Sun, July 7 Saba Saba
Sun, July 7 Star Festival
Mon, July 8 Family Day
Mon, July 8 Muharram / Islamic New Year
Tue, July 9 Constitution Day
Tue, July 9 Independence day
Tue, July 9 Nunavut Day
Wed, July 10 Independence Day
Wed, July 10 Political Flag Day
Thu, July 11 Maritime Day
Thu, July 11 Naadam Holiday (National Day)
Fri, July 12 Battle of the Boyne
Fri, July 12 Independence Day
Fri, July 12 Naadam Holiday (National Day)
Sat, July 13 Naadam Holiday (National Day)
Sat, July 13 Penang Governor's Birthday
Sat, July 13 Statehood Day
Sun, July 14 Bastille Day
Sun, July 14 Naadam Holiday (National Day)
Sun, July 14 Republic Day
Sun, July 14 Statehood Day (Day 2)
Mon, July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day
Mon, July 15 Naadam Holiday (National Day)
Mon, July 15 Orangemen's Day
Mon, July 15 President's Day
Mon, July 15 Saint Vladimir
Mon, July 15 Sea Day
Mon, July 15 Sultan's Birthday
Mon, July 15 Unimwane Day
Tue, July 16 Day of Achura
Tue, July 16 First Day of Ashura
Tue, July 16 Manu'a Cession Day
Tue, July 16 Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Tue, July 16 President's Day Holiday
Tue, July 16 Tassoua
Tue, July 16 Unaine Day
Wed, July 17 Ashura
Wed, July 17 Birthday of the Raja of Perlis
Wed, July 17 Constitution Day
Wed, July 17 Independence Day
Wed, July 17 King's Birthday
Thu, July 18 Constitution Day
Thu, July 18 Nelson Mandela Day
Fri, July 19 Martyrs' Day
Fri, July 19 The Sandinista Revolution Day
Sat, July 20 Crown Prince Haakon's day
Sat, July 20 Independence Day
Sat, July 20 Rennell and Bellona Province Day
Sun, July 21 Asala - Dharma Day
Sun, July 21 Belgian National Day
Sun, July 21 Guru Purnima
Sun, July 21 Liberation Day
Sun, July 21 Racial Harmony Day
Mon, July 22 Birthday of the late King Sobhuza
Mon, July 22 Liberation Day Holiday
Tue, July 23 Fast of Shiva Asar B'Tammuz
Tue, July 23 National Remembrance Day
Tue, July 23 Renaissance Day
Tue, July 23 Revolution Day (July 23)
Wed, July 24 Children's Day
Wed, July 24 Pioneer Day
Wed, July 24 Simón Bolívar´s Birthday
Wed, July 24 Simón Bolívar´s Birthday Memorial
Wed, July 24 The Restoration of Democracy
Thu, July 25 Annexation of Guanacaste
Thu, July 25 Constitution Day
Thu, July 25 Republic Day
Thu, July 25 Revolution Anniversary
Fri, July 26 Day of the Rebellion
Fri, July 26 Independence Day
Sat, July 27 Day of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War
Sat, July 27 National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
Sat, July 27 Revolution Anniversary Celebration
Sun, July 28 Anniversary of the Fall of the Fascist Government
Sun, July 28 Baptism of Kyivan Rus
Sun, July 28 Buffalo Soldiers Day
Sun, July 28 Day of the Institutions
Sun, July 28 Father's Day
Sun, July 28 Independence Day
Sun, July 28 King Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
Sun, July 28 National Parents' Day
Sun, July 28 Navy Day
Sun, July 28 St. Olav's Eve
Mon, July 29 Constitution Day
Mon, July 29 Hurricane Supplication Day
Mon, July 29 Independence Day (Day 2)
Mon, July 29 National Anthem Day
Mon, July 29 St. Olaf's day
Mon, July 29 St. Olav's Day (National Day)
Mon, July 29 Territory Day
Tue, July 30 Feast of the Throne
Tue, July 30 Independence Day
Tue, July 30 Martyrs Day
Thu, August 1 Army Day
Thu, August 1 Colorado Day
Thu, August 1 Emancipation Day
Thu, August 1 Gualdalcanal Province Day
Thu, August 1 Independence Day
Thu, August 1 Lammas
Thu, August 1 Parents' Day
Thu, August 1 Santo Domingo Celebrations Start
Thu, August 1 Swiss National Day
Thu, August 1 Yorkshire Day
Fri, August 2 Our Lady of Los Ángeles
Fri, August 2 Republic Day
Fri, August 2 Somers' Day
Fri, August 2 Umuganura Day
Sat, August 3 Flag´s Day
Sat, August 3 Freedom Day
Sat, August 3 Makira-Ulawa Province Day
Sat, August 3 Martyrs' Day
Sat, August 3 Nigerien Independence Day
Sun, August 4 Celebrations of San Salvador
Sun, August 4 Coast Guard Birthday
Sun, August 4 Constitution Day
Sun, August 4 Matice Slovenska Day
Sun, August 4 National Guard´s Day
Mon, August 5 August Bank Holiday
Mon, August 5 British Columbia Day
Mon, August 5 Celebrations of San Salvador
Mon, August 5 Commerce Day
Mon, August 5 Constitution Day observed
Mon, August 5 Emancipation Day
Mon, August 5 Festival Monday
Mon, August 5 Heritage Day
Mon, August 5 Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Mon, August 5 Kadooment Day
Mon, August 5 Natal Day
Mon, August 5 National Children's Day
Mon, August 5 National Day
Mon, August 5 New Brunswick Day
Mon, August 5 New South Wales Bank Holiday
Mon, August 5 Northern Territory Picnic Day
Mon, August 5 Ontario Civic Holiday
Mon, August 5 Summer Bank Holiday
Mon, August 5 Terry Fox Day
Mon, August 5 The Day of Our Lady of Africa
Mon, August 5 Youth Day
Tue, August 6 Celebrations of San Salvador
Tue, August 6 Culturama Day
Tue, August 6 Festival Tuesday
Tue, August 6 Hiroshima Memorial Day
Tue, August 6 Independence Day
Wed, August 7 Battle of Boyacá Day
Wed, August 7 Festival Wednesday
Wed, August 7 Independence Day
Wed, August 7 Purple Heart Day
Thu, August 8 Father's Day
Thu, August 8 Peace Festival in Augsburg
Thu, August 8 Peasants' Day
Fri, August 9 Constitution Day
Fri, August 9 Indigenous Peoples Day
Fri, August 9 Nag Panchami
Fri, August 9 Nagasaki Memorial Day
Fri, August 9 National Day
Fri, August 9 National Women's Day
Sat, August 10 Chinese Valentine's Day
Sat, August 10 Independence Day
Sat, August 10 Last Day of Santo Domingo Celebrations
Sat, August 10 Valentine's Day
Sun, August 11 Father's Day
Sun, August 11 Independence Day
Sun, August 11 Mountain Day
Sun, August 11 The Day of Cantabria
Sun, August 11 Turkmen Melon Day
Mon, August 12 Carnival (First Day)
Mon, August 12 Erev Tisha B'Av
Mon, August 12 Father's Day
Mon, August 12 Heroes' Day
Mon, August 12 The Queen's Birthday
Mon, August 12 Victory Day
Tue, August 13 Carnival (Second Day)
Tue, August 13 Defence Forces Day
Tue, August 13 Independence Day
Tue, August 13 Obon
Tue, August 13 Tisha B'Av
Tue, August 13 Tisha B'Av
Tue, August 13 Women's and Family Day
Wed, August 14 Anniversary of the Recovery Oued Ed-Dahab
Wed, August 14 Falkland Day
Wed, August 14 Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland
Wed, August 14 Vigil of Assumption Day
Thu, August 15 Assumption of Mary
Thu, August 15 Constitution Day
Thu, August 15 Flooding of the Nile
Thu, August 15 Foundation of Old Panama City
Thu, August 15 Founding of Asuncion
Thu, August 15 Independence Day
Thu, August 15 Liberation Day
Thu, August 15 Liechtenstein National Day
Thu, August 15 Malaita Province Day
Thu, August 15 Mother's Day
Fri, August 16 Bennington Battle Day
Fri, August 16 Gold Cup Parade
Fri, August 16 Independence Day
Fri, August 16 Restoration Day
Fri, August 16 Statehood Day in Hawaii
Fri, August 16 Varalakshmi Vrat
Sat, August 17 Flag Day
Sat, August 17 Independence Day
Sat, August 17 Slovenians in Prekmurje Incorporated into the Mother Nation Day
Sun, August 18 Ghost Festival
Sun, August 18 Spirit Festival
Mon, August 19 Assumption of Mary
Mon, August 19 Crown Princess Mette-Marit's day
Mon, August 19 Discovery Day
Mon, August 19 Independence Day (National Day)
Mon, August 19 National Aviation Day
Mon, August 19 Raksha Bandhan
Mon, August 19 San Martín Day
Tue, August 20 Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People
Tue, August 20 Hungary National Day
Tue, August 20 Independence Restoration Day
Wed, August 21 Gospel Day (Kosrae)
Wed, August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day
Wed, August 21 Senior Citizens Day
Wed, August 21 Youth Day
Sat, August 24 Flag Day
Sat, August 24 Independence Day
Sat, August 24 National Parks Day
Sun, August 25 Day of Songun
Sun, August 25 Independence Day
Sun, August 25 National Heroes Day
Sun, August 25 Youth's Day
Mon, August 26 Arbaeen
Mon, August 26 Father's Day
Mon, August 26 Heroes' Day
Mon, August 26 Janmashtami
Mon, August 26 National Day of Repentance
Mon, August 26 Summer Bank Holiday
Mon, August 26 Women's Equality Day
Tue, August 27 Independence Day
Tue, August 27 Lyndon Baines Johnson Day
Wed, August 28 Orthodox Assumption of Mary
Thu, August 29 National Sports Day
Thu, August 29 National Uprising Day
Fri, August 30 Constitution Day
Fri, August 30 Popular Consultation Day
Fri, August 30 Santa Rosa De Lima
Fri, August 30 Victory Day
Sat, August 31 Independence Day
Sat, August 31 Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic
Sat, August 31 Language Day
Sat, August 31 Malaysia's National Day
Sun, September 1 Commencement Day of Eritrean Armed Struggle
Sun, September 1 Constitution Day
Sun, September 1 Day of Knowledge
Sun, September 1 Father's Day
Sun, September 1 Independence Day
Sun, September 1 Kirani Day
Sun, September 1 Knowledge and Literature Day
Sun, September 1 World Peace Day
Mon, September 2 Army Day
Mon, September 2 August Bank Holiday
Mon, September 2 Day of the Independent City of Ceuta
Mon, September 2 Independence Day
Mon, September 2 Labor Day
Mon, September 2 Umhlanga Reed Dance
Tue, September 3 Armed Forces Day
Tue, September 3 Demise of Prophet Muhammad and Martyrdom of Imam Hassan
Tue, September 3 The Feast of St Marinus and Republic Day
Tue, September 3 Yamashita Surrender Day
Wed, September 4 Martyrdom of Imam Reza
Thu, September 5 Jeune Genevois
Thu, September 5 Mother Teresa Beatification Day
Fri, September 6 Armed Forces' Day
Fri, September 6 Labor Day
Fri, September 6 Smhlolo Day (Independence Day)
Fri, September 6 Unification Day
Sat, September 7 Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
Sat, September 7 Constitution Day
Sat, September 7 Ganesh Chaturthi
Sat, September 7 Independence Day
Sat, September 7 Knabenschiessen
Sat, September 7 Victory Day
Sun, September 8 Day of Asturias
Sun, September 8 Day of Extremadura
Sun, September 8 Day of the Homeland
Sun, September 8 Father's Day
Sun, September 8 Independence Day
Sun, September 8 Knabenschiessen
Sun, September 8 Kosrae Liberation Day
Sun, September 8 National Day
Sun, September 8 National Grandparents Day
Sun, September 8 Nativity of Mary
Sun, September 8 Nativity of Our Lady
Sun, September 8 The Feast of Our Lady of Victories
Sun, September 8 Turkmen Bakhshi Day
Sun, September 8 Virgin of the Victory
Mon, September 9 California Admission Day
Mon, September 9 Children´s Day
Mon, September 9 Day of the Victims of Holocaust and of racial violence
Mon, September 9 Independence Day
Mon, September 9 Knabenschiessen
Mon, September 9 National Day
Tue, September 10 Children´s Day
Tue, September 10 Gibraltar Day
Tue, September 10 Repression Victims' Day
Tue, September 10 St. George's Caye Day
Tue, September 10 Teachers' Day
Wed, September 11 Day of Catalonia
Wed, September 11 Nayrouz
Wed, September 11 Our Lady of Coromoto
Wed, September 11 Patriot Day
Wed, September 11 Pohnpei Liberation Day
Wed, September 11 Teachers' Day
Thu, September 12 Martyrdom of Imam Hasan al-Askari
Thu, September 12 National Day
Sat, September 14 Battle of San Jacinto
Sat, September 14 Day of the Workers in the Energy Sector
Sat, September 14 German Language Day
Sat, September 14 Holy Cross Day
Sun, September 15 Day of Our Lady of Sorrows
Sun, September 15 Independence Day
Sun, September 15 Nuestra Señora de la Bien Aparecida
Sun, September 15 Restoration of Primorska to the Motherland Day
Sun, September 15 Shout of Dolores
Sun, September 15 Swiss Federal Fast
Mon, September 16 Chuseok Holiday
Mon, September 16 Day of Martyr Omar Al-Mukhtar
Mon, September 16 Independence Day
Mon, September 16 Malaysia Day
Mon, September 16 Mawlid / Prophet's Birthday
Mon, September 16 National Heroes Day
Mon, September 16 Respect for the Aged Day
Mon, September 16 Vishwakarma Puja
Tue, September 17 Birthday of Crown Prince Tupouto'a-'Ulukalala
Tue, September 17 Chuseok
Tue, September 17 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Tue, September 17 Day After Prophet's Birthday
Tue, September 17 Day of Melilla
Tue, September 17 Mid-Autumn Festival
Tue, September 17 National Hero Day
Tue, September 17 Teachers' Day
Wed, September 18 Chuseok Holiday
Wed, September 18 Day after Mid-Autumn Festival
Wed, September 18 National Day
Thu, September 19 Army Day
Thu, September 19 Independence Day
Thu, September 19 The Feast of Saint Januarius (Naples)
Fri, September 20 German World Childrens' Day
Fri, September 20 National Day Holiday
Fri, September 20 National POW/MIA Recognition Day
Sat, September 21 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadeq
Sat, September 21 Founder's Day
Sat, September 21 Independence Day
Sat, September 21 Valentine's Day
Sun, September 22 Emancipation Day
Sun, September 22 Independence Day
Sun, September 22 September Equinox
Mon, September 23 Founder's Day observed
Mon, September 23 Saudi National Day
Mon, September 23 September Equinox
Mon, September 23 September Equinox observed
Mon, September 23 South Canterbury Anniversary Day
Tue, September 24 Anniversary of the failed attack on Lomé
Tue, September 24 Armed Forces Day
Tue, September 24 Constitutional Day
Tue, September 24 Heritage Day
Tue, September 24 Independence Day (National Day)
Tue, September 24 New Caledonia Day
Tue, September 24 Our Lady of Las Mercedes
Tue, September 24 Republic Day
Tue, September 24 Saint Rupert's Day
Wed, September 25 Armed Forces Day
Thu, September 26 Revolution Day
Fri, September 27 Manit Day
Fri, September 27 Meskel
Fri, September 27 National Youth Day
Fri, September 27 Native American Day
Sat, September 28 St. Wenceslas Day
Sat, September 28 Teachers' Day
Sun, September 29 Boqueron Battle Victory Day
Sun, September 29 Gold Star Mother's Day
Sun, September 29 Michael and All Angels
Mon, September 30 Botswana Day
Mon, September 30 Queen's Birthday
Tue, October 1 Armed Forces Day
Tue, October 1 Black History Month
Tue, October 1 Botswana Day holiday
Tue, October 1 Children´s Day
Tue, October 1 Chuuk Constitution Day
Tue, October 1 Cyprus Independence Day
Tue, October 1 Elders' Day
Tue, October 1 Independence Day
Tue, October 1 Independence of Southern British Cameroons from UK
Tue, October 1 Investiture of the Captains Regent
Tue, October 1 National Day of the People's Republic of China
Tue, October 1 Teachers Day
Tue, October 1 Tuvalu Day
Wed, October 2 Erev Rosh Hashana
Wed, October 2 Independence Day
Wed, October 2 Mahalaya Amavasya
Wed, October 2 National Day Golden Week holiday
Wed, October 2 Rosh Hashana Eve
Wed, October 2 Tuvalu Day
Thu, October 3 Day of German Unity
Thu, October 3 Iraqi Independence Day
Thu, October 3 Morazan´s Day
Thu, October 3 National Day Golden Week holiday
Thu, October 3 National Foundation Day
Thu, October 3 Rosh Hashana
Fri, October 4 Children's Day
Fri, October 4 Feast of St Francis of Assisi
Fri, October 4 Independence Day
Fri, October 4 Peace and Reconciliation Day
Fri, October 4 Second day of Rosh Hashana
Sat, October 5 Constitution Day
Sat, October 5 Republic Implantation
Sat, October 5 Teachers' Day
Sat, October 5 Wine Day (Day 1)
Sun, October 6 Armed Forces Day
Sun, October 6 Day of Commemoration and National Mourning
Sun, October 6 Dukla Pass Victims Day
Sun, October 6 Harvest Festival
Sun, October 6 October Liberation Day
Sun, October 6 Teachers' Day
Sun, October 6 Tzom Gedaliah
Sun, October 6 Wine Day (Day 2)
Mon, October 7 Child Health Day
Mon, October 7 Labor Day
Mon, October 7 Peat Cutting Monday
Mon, October 7 Queen's Birthday
Mon, October 7 Thanksgiving Day
Tue, October 8 Battle of Angamos
Wed, October 9 Abolition Day
Wed, October 9 Day of the Valencian Community
Wed, October 9 Hangul Day
Wed, October 9 Independence Day
Wed, October 9 Independence of Guayaquil
Wed, October 9 Leif Erikson Day
Thu, October 10 Beginning of the War of Independence
Thu, October 10 Curaçao Day
Thu, October 10 Day of the Maroons
Thu, October 10 Fiji Day
Thu, October 10 Moi Day
Thu, October 10 National Day/Double Tenth Day
Thu, October 10 Party Foundation Day
Thu, October 10 Plebiscite Day
Fri, October 11 Chong Yeung Festival (Festival of Ancestors)
Fri, October 11 Day of People’s Uprising
Fri, October 11 Double Ninth Festival
Fri, October 11 Yom Kippur Eve
Sat, October 12 Indigenous Resistance Day
Sat, October 12 Columbus Day
Sat, October 12 Day of the Cultures
Sat, October 12 Dia de la raza
Sat, October 12 Dussehra
Sat, October 12 Hispanic Day
Sat, October 12 Independence Day
Sat, October 12 Our Lady Aparecida/Children's Day
Sat, October 12 Pan American Day
Sat, October 12 Translators' Day
Sat, October 12 Yom Kippur
Sun, October 13 Anniversary of the Death of King Bhumibol
Sun, October 13 Navy Birthday
Sun, October 13 Prince Louis Rwagasore Day
Mon, October 14 Anniversary of the Death of King Bhumibol observed
Mon, October 14 Columbus Day
Mon, October 14 Commonwealth Cultural Day
Mon, October 14 Constitution Day
Mon, October 14 Day Of Respect For Cultural Diversity
Mon, October 14 Day off for Pan American Day
Mon, October 14 Defenders' Day
Mon, October 14 Health and Sports Day
Mon, October 14 Indigenous People's Day
Mon, October 14 Liberation Day
Mon, October 14 Lotu a Tamaiti
Mon, October 14 Mother's Day
Mon, October 14 Mwalimu Nyerere Day
Mon, October 14 National Heritage Day
Mon, October 14 National Heroes Day
Mon, October 14 Native Americans' Day
Mon, October 14 Svetitskhovloba
Mon, October 14 Teachers' Day
Mon, October 14 Thanksgiving Day
Mon, October 14 Virgin Islands - Puerto Rico Friendship Day (Columbus Day)
Tue, October 15 Commemoration Day of King's Father
Tue, October 15 Evacuation Day
Tue, October 15 Teachers' Day
Tue, October 15 White Cane Safety Day
Wed, October 16 Boss's Day
Wed, October 16 Erev Sukkot
Wed, October 16 Sharad Purnima
Thu, October 17 Dessalines Day
Thu, October 17 Sukkot Starts
Fri, October 18 Alaska Day
Fri, October 18 Healthcare Aide Day
Fri, October 18 Sukkot II
Sat, October 19 Sukkot III
Sat, October 19 Sweetest Day
Sun, October 20 Birth of the Guru Granth
Sun, October 20 Karwa Chauth
Sun, October 20 Mashujaa Day
Sun, October 20 Revolution of 1944
Sun, October 20 Sukkot IV
Sun, October 20 Vietnamese Women's Day
Mon, October 21 Army Day
Mon, October 21 National Heroes' Day
Mon, October 21 Overseas Chinese Day
Mon, October 21 President Ndadaye's Day
Mon, October 21 Saint Ursula's Day
Mon, October 21 Sukkot V
Mon, October 21 World War II Victims Remembrance Day
Tue, October 22 Sukkot VI
Wed, October 23 1956 Revolution Memorial Day
Wed, October 23 Chulalongkorn Day
Wed, October 23 Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle
Wed, October 23 Hoshana Rabbah (Sukkot Ends)
Wed, October 23 Liberation Day
Wed, October 23 Paris Peace Agreement's Day
Thu, October 24 Day of the Libraries
Thu, October 24 Independence Day
Thu, October 24 Shemini Atzeret
Thu, October 24 Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah
Thu, October 24 United Nations Day
Fri, October 25 Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day
Fri, October 25 Hurricane Thanksgiving
Fri, October 25 Nevada Day
Fri, October 25 Simchat Torah
Fri, October 25 Sovereignty Day
Fri, October 25 Taiwan's Retrocession Day
Fri, October 25 Thanksgiving
Sat, October 26 Angam Day
Sat, October 26 Gospel Day
Sat, October 26 National Day
Sun, October 27 Černová Tragedy Day
Sun, October 27 Independence Day
Sun, October 27 Navy Day
Mon, October 28 Establishment of the Independent Czecho-Slovak State
Mon, October 28 Independent Czechoslovak State Day
Mon, October 28 Labor Day
Mon, October 28 Ochi Day
Mon, October 28 October Bank Holiday
Mon, October 28 Public Service Holiday
Mon, October 28 Republic Day Eve
Mon, October 28 The Ochi day
Tue, October 29 Birth of Ľudovít Ŝtúr Day
Tue, October 29 Capital City Day
Tue, October 29 Dhanteras
Tue, October 29 King's Coronation Day
Tue, October 29 Republic Day
Wed, October 30 Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation
Wed, October 30 Mischief Night
Wed, October 30 World Thrift Day
Thu, October 31 All Hallows' Eve
Thu, October 31 Halloween
Thu, October 31 Reformation Day
Fri, November 1 All Saints' Day
Fri, November 1 All Saints' Eve
Fri, November 1 All Souls' Day observed
Fri, November 1 Anniversary of the Revolution
Fri, November 1 Diwali
Fri, November 1 Independence Day
Fri, November 1 Liberty Day
Fri, November 1 Remembrance Day
Fri, November 1 Revival Day
Sat, November 2 All Saints' Day
Sat, November 2 All Souls' Day
Sat, November 2 Arrival of Indentured Labourers
Sat, November 2 Govardhan Puja
Sat, November 2 Remembrance Day
Sun, November 3 Bhai Dooj
Sun, November 3 Culture Day
Sun, November 3 Independence Day
Sun, November 3 Independence of Cuenca
Sun, November 3 Victory Day
Mon, November 4 All Saints' Day
Mon, November 4 Citizenship Day
Mon, November 4 Community Service Day
Mon, November 4 Constitution Day
Mon, November 4 Culture Day observed
Mon, November 4 Flag Day
Mon, November 4 Marlborough Anniversary Day
Mon, November 4 Recreation Day
Mon, November 4 Unity Day
Tue, November 5 Colon Day
Tue, November 5 Election Day
Tue, November 5 Guy Fawkes Day
Tue, November 5 Guy Fawkes Night
Tue, November 5 Melbourne Cup Day
Wed, November 6 Anniversary of the Green March
Wed, November 6 Constitution Day
Thu, November 7 Chhath Puja
Thu, November 7 Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution
Thu, November 7 October Revolution Day
Thu, November 7 Return Day
Thu, November 7 Thanksgiving
Fri, November 8 Journalists' Day
Fri, November 8 Pohnpei Constitution Day
Fri, November 8 Yom HaAliyah School Observance
Sat, November 9 Independence Day
Sat, November 9 Iqbal Day
Sat, November 9 Night of Broken Glass Remembrance Day
Sun, November 10 Ataturk Memorial Day
Sun, November 10 Father's Day
Sun, November 10 Grandparents' Day
Sun, November 10 Harvest Festival
Sun, November 10 Marine Corps Birthday
Sun, November 10 Remembrance Day
Sun, November 10 Remembrance Sunday
Sun, November 10 Shout in Villa de los Santos
Mon, November 11 Armistice Day
Mon, November 11 Heir to the Throne's Birthday
Mon, November 11 Independence Day
Mon, November 11 Independence of Cartagena
Mon, November 11 Remembrance Day
Mon, November 11 Republic Day
Mon, November 11 Saint Martin's Day
Mon, November 11 Veterans Day
Mon, November 11 Veterans of Foreign Wars Day
Tue, November 12 Maore Day
Tue, November 12 Sun Yat-sen's Birthday
Tue, November 12 Youth National Day
Thu, November 14 Colombian Women's Day
Fri, November 15 7-5-3 Day
Fri, November 15 Canterbury Anniversary Day
Fri, November 15 Guru Nanak Jayanti
Fri, November 15 Kartik Purnima
Fri, November 15 National Peace Day in Ivory Coast
Fri, November 15 Republic Proclamation Day
Fri, November 15 Saint Leopold's Day
Fri, November 15 Saisiat Festival
Sat, November 16 Mother's Day
Sun, November 17 Fight for Freedom and Democracy Day
Sun, November 17 National Day of Mourning
Sun, November 17 Polytechneio
Sun, November 17 President's Day
Sun, November 17 Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
Mon, November 18 Day off for Revolution Day Memorial
Mon, November 18 Independence Day
Mon, November 18 National Day
Mon, November 18 National Sovereignty Day
Mon, November 18 Republic of Latvia Proclamation Day
Mon, November 18 Vertières Day
Tue, November 19 Discovery Day
Tue, November 19 Garifuna Settlement Day
Tue, November 19 National Day
Wed, November 20 Black Consciousness Day
Wed, November 20 Repentance Day
Wed, November 20 Revolution Day Memorial
Wed, November 20 Teachers' Day
Thu, November 21 Armed Forces Day
Thu, November 21 Dayton Peace Agreement Day
Thu, November 21 Dignity and Freedom Day
Fri, November 22 Albanian Alphabet Day (Albanian community)
Fri, November 22 Independence Day
Fri, November 22 Teachers' Day
Fri, November 22 Thanksgiving Day
Sat, November 23 Labor Thanksgiving Day
Sat, November 23 Rudolf Maister Day
Sat, November 23 St. George's Day
Sun, November 24 Christ the King Day
Sun, November 24 Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib
Sun, November 24 Sunday of the Dead
Mon, November 25 Independence Day
Mon, November 25 Statehood Day
Tue, November 26 Republic's Day
Wed, November 27 Aviation Day
Thu, November 28 Day of Albanians
Thu, November 28 Flag and Independence Day
Thu, November 28 Independence Day
Thu, November 28 Independence from Spain
Thu, November 28 Proclamation of Independence Day
Thu, November 28 Proclamation of the Republic
Thu, November 28 Republic Day
Thu, November 28 Thanksgiving Day
Fri, November 29 American Indian Heritage Day
Fri, November 29 Black Friday
Fri, November 29 Day After Thanksgiving
Fri, November 29 Family Day
Fri, November 29 Liberation Day
Fri, November 29 Lincoln's Birthday/Lincoln's Day
Fri, November 29 Presidents' Day
Fri, November 29 State Holiday
Fri, November 29 Unity Day
Fri, November 29 William Tubmans Birthday
Sat, November 30 Bonifacio Day
Sat, November 30 Independence Day
Sat, November 30 St. Andrew's Day
Sun, December 1 Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sun, December 1 First Sunday of Advent
Sun, December 1 Freedom and Democracy Day
Sun, December 1 Good Neighborliness Day
Sun, December 1 Inauguration day
Sun, December 1 National holiday
Sun, December 1 Republic Day
Sun, December 1 Restoration of Independence
Sun, December 1 Rosa Parks Day
Sun, December 1 Sovereignty Day
Mon, December 2 Anniversary of the Coronation of King Tupou I
Mon, December 2 Chatham Islands Anniversary Day
Mon, December 2 Cyber Monday
Mon, December 2 National Day
Mon, December 2 St. Andrew's Day observed
Mon, December 2 Westland Anniversary Day
Tue, December 3 Day of Navarre
Thu, December 5 King Bhumibol's Birthday
Thu, December 5 Martyrdom of Fatima
Thu, December 5 St Nicholas' Eve/Sinterklaas
Fri, December 6 Army Day
Fri, December 6 Constitution Day
Fri, December 6 Farmer's Day
Fri, December 6 Foundation of Quito
Fri, December 6 Gospel Day
Fri, December 6 Independence Day
Fri, December 6 St. Nicholas' Day
Sat, December 7 Eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Sat, December 7 National Heroes Day
Sat, December 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Sat, December 7 Spitak Remembrance Day
Sat, December 7 The Feast of St. Ambrose (Milan)
Sat, December 7 Western Province Day
Sun, December 8 Battle Day
Sun, December 8 Bodhi Day
Sun, December 8 Constitution Day
Sun, December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Sun, December 8 Mother's Day
Sun, December 8 National Youth Day
Sun, December 8 Saint Kliment Ohridski's Day
Sun, December 8 Santa Marian Kamalen Day
Sun, December 8 Second Advent Sunday
Sun, December 8 Virgin of Caacupé Day
Mon, December 9 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Mon, December 9 National Heroes Day
Mon, December 9 National Youth Day observed
Mon, December 9 Republic Day
Tue, December 10 Anniversary of Victory over ISIS
Tue, December 10 Constitution Day
Tue, December 10 Hanukkah Ends
Tue, December 10 Human Rights Day
Wed, December 11 Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster
Wed, December 11 Gita Jayanti
Wed, December 11 Human Rights and Peace Day
Wed, December 11 Independence Day
Wed, December 11 Republic Day
Thu, December 12 Day of Neutrality
Thu, December 12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Thu, December 12 Jamhuri Day
Fri, December 13 National Day
Fri, December 13 National Guard Birthday
Fri, December 13 Republic Day
Sun, December 15 Bill of Rights Day
Sun, December 15 Dhanu Sankranti
Sun, December 15 Third Advent Sunday
Mon, December 16 Day of Reconciliation
Mon, December 16 Independence Day
Mon, December 16 National Day
Tue, December 17 Independence Day (Day 2)
Tue, December 17 National Day (2nd day)
Tue, December 17 Pan American Aviation Day
Tue, December 17 Wright Brothers Day
Wed, December 18 National Day
Wed, December 18 Nigerien Republic Day
Thu, December 19 National Heroes and Heroines Day
Thu, December 19 Orthodox St. Nicholas Day
Thu, December 19 Remembrance Day for Roma and Sinti killed by Genocide
Fri, December 20 Abolition of Slavery
Fri, December 20 December Solstice
Fri, December 20 Macau S.A.R. Establishment Day
Sat, December 21 December Solstice
Sat, December 21 Dongzhi Festival
Sat, December 21 Turkish Language Day (Turkish community)
Sun, December 22 Fourth Advent Sunday
Sun, December 22 Sambisa Memorial Day
Sun, December 22 Unity Day
Mon, December 23 Emperor's Birthday
Tue, December 24 Christmas Eve
Tue, December 24 Independence Day
Tue, December 24 Yap Constitution Day
Wed, December 25 Christmas
Wed, December 25 Christmas Day
Wed, December 25 Constitution Day
Thu, December 26 Boxing Day
Thu, December 26 Day After Christmas Day
Thu, December 26 Day of Goodwill
Thu, December 26 Family Day
Thu, December 26 Hanukkah Starts
Thu, December 26 Independence and Unity Day
Thu, December 26 Kwanzaa (1st Day)
Thu, December 26 National Day of Thanksgiving
Thu, December 26 Proclamation Day
Thu, December 26 Second Day of Christmas
Thu, December 26 St. Stephen's Day
Thu, December 26 Synaxis of the Mother of God
Fri, December 27 Christmas Holiday
Fri, December 27 Constitution Day
Fri, December 27 Hanukkah II
Sat, December 28 Day of the Holy Innocents
Sat, December 28 Hanukkah III
Sat, December 28 Holy Innocents
Sat, December 28 Incwala Day
Sat, December 28 Republic Day
Sun, December 29 Feast of the Holy Family
Sun, December 29 Hanukkah IV
Sun, December 29 Independence Day
Mon, December 30 Day of the Declaration of Slovakia as an Independent Ecclesiastic Province
Mon, December 30 Hanukkah V
Mon, December 30 Rizal Day
Tue, December 31 December 31 Bank Holiday
Tue, December 31 Festival Day
Tue, December 31 Hanukkah VI / Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Tue, December 31 New Year's Eve
Tue, December 31 Restoration Day
Tue, December 31 Watch Night